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Floopy disks were - and still are - are more "floopy" edition of floppy disks. They are used mainly on Mars and have a tendency to generate random passwords.

What Can I Put Them In?[edit]

A HyperStuff Destroyer Killkillkillfloopy laptop computer is best, but the next best option is to send your spare ones to the Flopee Disk factory, which gives $30/disk. Offer not available in Tibet. NOTE: If the floopy disc touches saliva, all the information on it is doomed.

How Much Do They Cost?[edit]

They floopy disks cost $30.01 to buy, but keep in mind you have to give it 3 hours a day on the computer game Pointless, which just happens to cost 30 grand.

Toilet Train Your Floopy Disk[edit]

Unless you want your computer hijacked by some Unidentified Flying Cushions, it is highly recommended to toilet train your floopy disk.

Where Are They Banned?[edit]

They are banned in all countries except Tibet, where they shall be sold out until the next millenium.


If you buy Pointless: Extremely Weird, Pointless, Dumb and Stupid Edition then your floopy disk should not attempt to open razor blade (not applicable in Tibet or where prohibeted by law).

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