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National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood; they hate women too.

Floyd Remmington (1973-present)is known best as the infamous leader of the modern American Whig party and also as one of the plotting Co-leaders of Collection Management and Dissemination(CM&D).

Early life[edit]

Floyd Remmington was born the love child of a meat packer and a night shift nurse on March 15, 1973. His father was absent from his life and his mother died when he was four years old. For a short period of time he lived with his grandfather, a retired train conductor and sex addict. His grandfather died eight months later, it is suspected by modern historians that Floyd actually killed him with a cheese grater.

the gypsy enemy

Floyd accepted the orphanage life immediately. Floyd's preternatural charisma allowed him to make many friends and gain a spot in the posh "no girls allowed" (NGA) club. In the NGA Floyd learned how women had been trying to control all of mankind in order to pursue their own foolish ambitions. The NGA studied the rare published works of CM&D and the Whig party and lived by them. Floyd's disdain for women grew from simple hate to a raging, passionate loathing. By age eleven Floyd was involved in several groups and activities: orphan council, young republicans, curling club, disc golf league, 'A' student society and president of the orphanage NGA. The administration of the orphanage viewed him as an upstanding model of an orphan and were not surprised in the least when he was adopted by wealthy rancher from Wyoming.

Political career[edit]

Floyd Remmington before his address to the Whig party April 2005

Floyd had for some time orchestrated his release from the clutches of the orphanage, he had created the identity of the rancher to fool the grown-ups, and it worked. Eight days after his release he found tracked down the Whig party leader, Morrissey, in New York and secured a job with him as Junior Hate Secretary. He learned much from Morrissey over the years, climbing his way up to eventually become leader of the Whig party in 1995 after graduating from NYU.

Floyd became an inspiration to misogynists everywhere as he led the Whig party to new levels of importance. By 1998 the Whig party was an integral part of New York life and by 1999 had infected the east coast with woman hate.

Recent years[edit]

Forrest B. Holiday, leader of the Catholic Church happened to be in New York and by chance met Floyd Remmington at a Jewish deli. They immediately bonded and five months later CM&D had been resurrected.

Floyd Remmington and Forrest B. Holiday currently hate women and live in Moose Jaw, Canada, where they are slowly taking over the world.

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