Foo' Fighters (album)

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Foo' Fighters
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Album by Foo Fighters


Length 78:59:01:23 hrs
Width 9mm
Label Wilde
Producer/s Dave Grohl, Oscar Wilde, Mr. T
Album Before I love it when a plan comes together
Album After The Dwhight Album
Under Cover

Foo' Fighters is the Foo Fighters' twentieth album. It was released 1099 through Wilde Records.

Foo' Fighters is a triple concept album about The A-Team. It includes one massive hit for every A-Team member and also one track for Colonel Decker:

Truck listing[edit]

  1. Fire truck
  2. Ice-cream truck
  3. Motor truck
  4. Pickup truck
  5. Hand truck
  6. Garbage truck
  7. Lift truck
  8. Railroad truck
  9. Tanker truck
  10. Mack truck
  11. Monster truck
  12. Tow truck
  13. Food truck
  14. Light truck
  15. Semi-trailer truck
  16. Mail truck
  17. Cement truck

Bonus trucks[edit]

  1. Heavy doody truck
  2. Caterpillar truck
  3. Star truck