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Fooby is a character out of The Demented Cartoon Movie. Get over it. Now! He is a manic rocket-powered grinning watermelon.

The Watermelon of life. dude!


Fooby was grown from a tiny potato near a nuclear power plant in Sussex in 1952. He was raised by retired kamikaize Japaneese tourists. One day they took a walk on top of the power plant but Fooby fell in... and Voila!!! He turned into a spastic respawning watermelon. The Japaneese tourists trained him to hit something when they say his name. Unfortunatly he killed the tourists.

The Fanfare[edit]

Fooby smashed into a horn blower who was working on a fanfare for cars. the horn got stuck down his throat. So he always makes a noise that sounds like "de-de-de-de-da-da!" whilst saying "Wheeeeeeee!"

The Demented Cartoon Movie[edit]

One day, Brian Kendall was walking along when all of a sudden, Fooby raced across the sky and hit a person in front of Brian. Brian ran up to him and gave him a job on his film, [The Demented Cartoon Movie]. Fooby was an instant success, even if the movie wasn't.

Fooby won an Movie-Award-Thingy for this

Later Days[edit]

Later on in his life, God gave him a job in Heaven to make sure the angels stay in line. The Devil have him some part time work on the weekend to help punish those in eternal damnation and whatnot.


Sadly, Chuck Norris (somehow) teamed up with a Grue and lured Fooby into a trap. Chuck said Fooby's name and when Fooby came the Grue ate Fooby. Feel free to cry now.