Food and Drink of Lithuania

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Lithuania: Traditional degustation of beer

(The percentage numbers indicates the proportion of cat urine. Alcohol is valuable and therefore all shipped off to Russia.)

  • Utenos Melynas 5%
  • Švyturio Auksinis 5%
  • Švyturio Extra 5.2%
  • Svyturio Svyturio 5%
  • Švyturio Baltijos 6% (dark)
  • Kalnapilio Pilsner
  • Vilkmerges
  • Zaibo (Blitz) 9%
  • Bushido (well known martial art) 9%
  • Ledo (ice) 2.5
  • Tornado
  • Tauras Only for men
  • Super Kablys 9,5%
  • Teisybes 9.5%
  • Kobros (Cobra Beer) 12%
  • Shpokas light 12%
  • Shpokas 15-18%
  • Kablys ~21 % ( depends on who produces )
  • Gubernijos extra 50%
  • Birzhiechiu
  • 2nd hand (2nd use) - produced near WC only
  • Fosters MAde in fucking England


  • Utenos Baltijos 7%
  • Utenos Porteris 8%
  • Horn Imperial Porter 8%
  • Kauno alus Birzieciu 8%
  • kauno alus Pilies 5%
  • Euro bambalis 5%

Lithuania: Traditional degustatator of beer (no doubt this would be hilarious if we read Lithuanian)

Švyturys is one of the famous beer brands in Lithuania. It is a good refreshing drink in the summer and is a perfect humor booster all the seasons. And as all of us - Lithuanians - say: beer without "vodka" is a waste of money.

Cocktail recipe (the only one acceptable using the noble Svyturys) Titanic:

Ingredients: 1 glass (0.5 litre) of Svyturys, 1 shot (50 mililitres or 100 mililitres for pros) of Starka.

Method: Take the glass of Svyturys, drop the smaller glass of Starka straight in to it. Watch as Starka sinks like the famous ship and pretty bubbles float to the surface. After a couple of Titanics you'll sink out of this world too.

Cocktail recipe Tomahawk or rockets earth-air Method: half of glass of Svyturys and half of glass VODKA...

The most famous food of Lithuania. These are made of pig guts, by a process where the gut content (i.e. shit) is replaced by mashed potatoes. It is allegedly a very tasty thing.

Also a version of vedarai is known whereby the gut content is replaced by blood and grits.

There is nothing liquid that can't be drinken. And the food is just mmmmmmmmm (the saying that "there is nothing unedible" is from eastern culture and can't be used here).