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Forssa is a town in Finland. It is known for its curious shape. If you look at Forssa from the air, it looks exactly like Leonid Brezhnev mutilating a mutated monkey in a stunning mountain scenery or a shit of fly,Kummeli. Otherwise, Forssa is of no interest to anybody and people could not care less if the whole place did not exist at all.


Lord Darth Vader also known as Darth Wahren founded it during the Clone Wars at the nineteenth century for his purposes to breed a completely new kind of race, a population that consists of David Hasselhoff lookalikes. The plan succeeded through intensive incestial reproduction. As a consequence, Forssa is nowadays a ghastly ruin inhabited by a Hasselhoff non-people living on the blood of innocents. This is regarded by the UN as terribly rude.

Present Time[edit]

Forssa is nowadays filled with David Hasselhoff lookalike mutants with brain size of three coconuts crushed by million monkeys with a million coconut crushing typewriters.