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I have a question. What are the PROs of being hosted by Wikia? This is not a forum about how Wikia sucks, it's, quite the contrary, about how Wikia doesn't suck. Also, it's a forum about shit, so lets see some pictures of faeces rolling FreddThe Metalhedd 15:30 • Saturday, 13-03-2010

Came expecting to see pictures of Uncyclopedians on the shitter, left disappointed. 0/10. -OptyC Sucks! Icons-flag-us.png CUN15:39, 13 Mar
If this hotdog is not kosher, many infedels will die. Aw, who am I kidding, the infidels are dying anyway. The only question is are there virgins involved...
I was bored, and still am. You can't blame me.. The pictures of Uncyclopedians on shitters are soon to follow, anyhoo. FreddThe Metalhedd 15:48 • Saturday, 13-03-2010


  1. It's free.
  1. It's free.
  2. There aren't very many ads (I dunno, I keep them blocked).
  3. The site loads reasonably fast. --Pleb SYNDROME CUN medicate (butt poop!!!!) 18:18, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
  1. It's free. Compared to Wikipedia we are slow though. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 18:21, Mar 13
  1. It has a pleasant odor. -OptyC Sucks! Icons-flag-us.png CUN18:34, 13 Mar
  1. Running the things and the stuff is somebody else's problem. If the average Uncyclopedia ran those things and that stuff, we'd be off the internet in less than a day. Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 18:42, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
What Modus said, plus, it has a pleasant odor. Oh, Optimuschris said that already. Ok, this is my answer, I won't change it again. "Zulch is the auto works!" rev. zim_ulator (Talk - Edits Logs) I am the dirt under your rollers. 15:41, March 18, 2010 (UTC)
  1. Don't forget that by being hosted by Wikia, we prevent Wikia from setting up a rival Uncyclopedia to steal our webtraffic. Which they can, because somebody sold the intellectual property rights on Uncyclopedia to wikia. --Mn-z 19:34, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
Anyone can host Uncyc, and is free to do so. There are other versions of Uncyc on the internet now. Various mirrors for example. Wikia also already host various wikis which have a very similar theme to us. No one goes to them because they don't have the userbase which we have here. Uncyc is its userbase. It's not the content or the place it actually physically sits on the internet. Chron sold the domain name. He did not sell Uncyclopedia. If the userbased moved then in time who owned the "old" domain would not matter. No one owns the intellectual property because this is what matters. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 22:34, Mar 14

Thus far, we have...

  1. It's free
  2. Limited ads (AdBlock Plus is a win)
  3. The site loads
  4. Pleasant odor (except in the UnNews and Poo Lit areas of the site)
  5. Wikia does things that we're too lazy to do ourselves
  6. We're on the internet
  7. The competition is nonexistent (because if we had any competition, we'd be done for)

-- [sire] EMC [TALK] 19:40 Mar 13 2010

Another pro

If we are not hosted by Wikia, then we may just as well become like Haiti (or New Orleans or Detroit or like Brazil), with the Village Dump populated full of slum-dwelling hobos and UnNews being controlled and owned by the Cabal (TINC). By having it hosted by a private company, we can thrive, crap and survive. That way, Whatport80 wouldn't overtake us as the best safe-for-work Wiki. 800px-Flag of the Philippines svg.png | King Joseph® GiratinaOriginForme.png | Contact Goa Tse Clan Priest | Goa Tse Clan Sign Up | Rouge.gif | 05:59, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

Is it broken?

  • If No - Don't fix it
  • If Yes - Attempt to fix issues
    • Can issues be fixed?
      • If Yes - Fix them
      • If No - Contact tech support
        • Can tech support fix it?
          • If Yes - It's somebody else problem, see UN:N
          • If No - It's somebody else problem, see UN:N
PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Monday, 01:54, Mar 15 2010 UTC