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I am ever such a lonely page, won't you please link to me?

Hello folks, me here with an important message. This is a list of pages with no links to 'em. None. Not one. Poor little pages, starved of attention, neglected from an early age, just looking for a little attention, and unlikely to get that attention because no-one has the charity, the goodness in their heart to give them even one measly, lousy link. For shame, Uncyclopedia, for shame.

Now, there are a few hundred of these pages - some are not linked because they're brand new, just created, and probably in ICU. And some are pretty much irredeemable, and probably belong on VFD. But some are not bad, possibly even promising - and they may even get the attention they need to make them betterer if only someone could find them, maybe via a link from another article or something.

So here's a suggestion: give just a few minutes of your time, have a quick scout through this list, and then add links to some of these articles into your own articles, or into other articles you know of that are appropriate. If just ten people give ten links each, that's a start, and the kind of start we need, if we are to avoid more patronising preaching of this kind interrupting our regularly scheduled Village Dump entertainment.

This appeal was brought to you by Template:U's patronise-o-tron. Thank you for your time. --User:Under user/sig3 11:53, Feb 11