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“Forward to the Past is the epic of my time, so much so that I have a tattoo of the logo on my right buttock ”
~ Oscar Wilde on Forward to the Past.

Forward to the Past is the sequel trilogy to the classic Back to the Future. The trilogy comes in three parts and features Marty Mcfly as a pensioner who has to go forward in time to change the past. Forward to the past is set in 2020, where Marty McFly is 70 years old and Doc Emmerett Brown has lived to 135. The duo have to go back in time to many historical battles in order to change the future, after Hitler resurfaced in 2019, looking younger than ever and re-invaded France.


Marty Mcfly in 'Forward to the Past'

Marty Mcfly[edit]

Marty Mcfly starts the film in a retirement home, playing a innocent game of Pre-Bathtime Bingo when Doc Brown's time machine crashes through the wall. Marty then travels on another wild adventure of time-shaping heroics showing you don't need real hips to save the world. In the year 2025, Samuel Jackson has indeed died, so in remembrance Marty now dresses exactly like him and quotes many of his catchphrases, such as "I've had it with this motherfucking Flux Capacitor in this motherfucking Time Machine"

Dr Emmett Brown

Dr Emmett Brown[edit]

Dr Emmett Brown in this sequel is indeed Black, due to the atomic wars. In becoming black, Emmett Brown's entire vocabulary has changed along with his walk. He now struts around in the future with one hand down his trousers swaying side to side whilst interacting with words such as "Whazzup Ma Futuristic Dawg" and "Once this shiznit hits 88 Miles-Per-Hour y'all gonna see some serious shit right here niggers". Emmett Brown has also changed his old DeLorean time machine by re-calibrating the Flux Capacitor into a Hummer, which he calls "The Docinator".

Futuristic Hitler

Futuristic Hitler[edit]

In the year 2019, Hitler resurfaced looking no older than when he was last seen (In 1990 At Disney World) Hitler assembled a make-shift army in Germany (Mainly consisting of Bratwurst Factory workers and Volkswagen employees) Hitler then invaded France. The French army immediately laid down their arms as the Bratwurst carts approached their lines of tanks in the famous battle known as "Bratwurst in the Wind" in the Ardiennes. Britain could not react to this disaster as no British people could be found in 2020, only the Turkish, Kosovan and Polish were left in the UK, none of which could speak English. The only way Hitler can be stopped is to change the past...


The following is a Chronological order of events that feature in the 'Forward to the Past' Trilogy.

  • 1927: Marty and the Doc travel to Berlin to the wide book launch of Hitler's novel 'Mein Kampf'. Armed with nothing but a dozen copies of Harry Potter , Marty takes attention from Hitler's propaganda of hatred and instead introduces the German public to the realm of Hogwarts, which,as Doc suspected ,takes the population's minds off of world domination.
  • 1928 Hitler launches the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) with banners tied to their tailwings with the message "Snape Kills Dumbledore". This makes the Germans even angrier and World Domination is soon a hot topic.
  • 1944 Marty and the Doc travel to the beaches of Normandy, Hilarity ensues as Doc Emmett Brown takes on the German SS Brigade with his futuristic Hummer claiming "Shingles? Where we're going we don't be needing no motherfucking Shingles!"
  • 1945 As the Second World War is coming to an end Emmett Brown accidentally finds himself in Auchwitz, after volunteering for the German programme of "Cracking Resin" (Badly Translated from Mining) Emmett read this as 'Crack and Resin'. Marty makes a rescue attempt using a German airplane that he found in a barn, however somewhere over Poland he discovers that somehow the plane is in fact full of Snakes, making the second film of the three a simple adaptation of 'Snakes on a Plane'.

Marty eventually rescues the Doc and after failing the mission of killing Hitler, they go back to the Hummer and travel to 1990 when they can intercept him at Disneyland.

  • 1990 Marty and the Doc manage to get to Disney World and they attack Hitler whilst he is at the popcorn kiosk. A large battle erupts in which half the park is destroyed by Marty's hoverboard as he chases Hitler. Eventually he forces Hitler to fall into a large heap of manure (As in the previous trilogy). On un-masking Hitler, the pair realise that he is in fact Biff Tannen.
  • 2020 Marty and the Doc return back home and France is no longer full of Germans. The twist of the trilogy is shortly unleashed, Marty Mcfly was not even playing Bingo, it was in fact a extended version of Cluedo, this twist was remarked by many people, including Oscar Wilde as the most dramatic plot ending in the history of film making.

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