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Fox TV
Type DuMont broadcast television series
Country USAmericanflag.JPG United States
Availability DuMont Television Network
Slogan Fair and balanced, comrades! (also, DOH!)
Founders Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson
Launch date 1986 on WWNY-DT2

Fox TV is a television parody series which ran from 1986-2021 on the DuMont Television Network. Produced at DuMont's flagship station WTTG, it centres around the operation of a cold-war era propaganda station operating in an outpost of Soviet Russia.

While one of the least-watched programmes of the DuMont network, "Fox TV" is best known for its short propaganda news sketches, which adopt the slogan Fair and Balanced, comrades!.

Fox TV is produced by Bart Simpson before a dead studio audience. Allen B. DuMont denies all responsibility for its content.

Fox TV[edit]

Fox Television is Rupert Murdoch's Senseless Hypnosis Program To Turn Us into Conservatives consisting of nothing but Hypnosis. Shows on the network are so popular that they become cancelled BEFORE they air. This has lead some to question how people can gather interest in these shows, to which the most common reply is "Just buy the DVD box set. In fact, you better buy three or four, just to be safe."

Fox is known for its "edgy" television, which is much more HARD HITTING and EXPLOSIVE than any other television network. In fact, its slogan has been recently changed to "Go fox yourselves", from "Unfair and Unbalanced".

This results in damaged Nielsen boxes, which distort Big Brother's ability to report accurate ratings. Thus, shows receive negative ratings at their peak in popularity. Fox has no plans to fix this, as its HARDCORE EDGE allows it to dominate television year after year (and when it doesn't, it can always show Independence Day).

Fox has created a channel titled 'FX' (pronounced: fox-two), an even edgier network which allows the word 'shit', and mild nudity. Seriously, you can't get much edgier than that.

Rupert Murdoch will gradually change Fox to a hardcore sex channel by 2012.


7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM
Sunday NFL was here biatch!!! King of the Hill The Simpsons American Dad Family Guy I'm Sarah Conner Bitch!!!

Monday Malcom and Simpsons Power Hour H-Ville 12
Tuesday House Boner
Wednesday Okay so your telling me that this isn't American Idol?
Thursday Is You Smarterer Than a 5th Grader? I don't know the rest of this song. The next great search for the next American Idol ripoff.
Friday Til Death (or FOX finds another live action sitcom with more than 10 viewers) AWOL LOWA Drive Episdoe
Saturday CLOPS DROPS America's Most Hated and/or killed. LIVE!
  • Did we mention that our Saturday nights have one hour episodes of Mad TV?, No?, Ohhhhh.. You're missing out on great television.

Notable (Cancelled) programs on Fox[edit]

  • America's Most Cancelled
  • Baseball Hiatus
  • Cancelled! By Chris Carter
  • I Made This! And It's Cancelled! By Chris Carter
  • Cancelled Again! By Chris Carter
  • A Chris Carter Production That Has Been Cancelled Once More!
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Cancelled... Oh Wait It Is!
  • Immediately Cancelled!
  • Cancelled Post-Haste!
  • Cancelled Conservative News
  • Cancelled STOP Please advise STOP
  • Cancelled With Children
  • What the F.. Cancelled Already???
  • The Nothing Show
  • We're Not Cancelled!... Oh Wait, We Are
  • [Insert Cancelled Reality Show Here]
  • Everything is Cancelled by Rupert Murdoch
  • Interesting Sci-Fi Drama With An Intriguing and Mysterious Plot Hook That Has Now Been Cancelled!
  • Some Comedy Nobody Will Remember That Went On a Little Too Long But Has Now Been CANCELLED!
  • Cancelled on Fox: The True Behind-the-Scenes Undercover Story (never aired)
  • American Dad
  • Cancelled Angel
  • The aXed-Files
  • America's Funniest Cancelled TV
  • The Family Guy/Futurama Cancellation Animation Hour
  • When Shows Get Cancelled Again
  • We'll Show It This Time, Nope, Just Kidding, hahaha
  • Hardcore Pornography/Drama Hour
  • World's Funniest Baby Murders
  • Firefly
  • Friends of Firefly
  • Firefly Meets Friends
  • Firefriends
  • Fly, Friends, Fly!
  • Flying Firey Fire & Friends
  • Reality TV
  • Coming Up Next: More Cancelled Shows That Really Didn't Belong On This Network Anyway - What Were You Expecting?
  • Family Guy
  • Family Abuse Guy
  • Family Rape Therapy Guy
  • Family Guy 3: Search for Family Guy 2 and 4
  • Charity Cake Racing Xtreme
  • Cooking with Elzar
  • We Win: Fox's Method of Edginess
  • One Piece
  • Cancelled...With a Vengance!
  • Ancient Chinese Cattle Warriors
  • The Cancelled Show Variety Hour w/ Andy Dick
  • Medical Show About Eccentric Character Who Solves Mysteries With Attractive Cast.
  • Forensic Show About Eccentric Character Who Solves Mysteries With Attractive Cast.
  • Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad
  • Everybody Loves Nynpho-Toad
  • That 1770's Show
  • The Wittiest Show On Television That Wasn't Accepted By The Retarded Viewers of Fox (Arrested Development)
  • That Cancelled Show by Homer Simpson
  • When Cancellations Go Wrong with William Shatner
  • Chris Carter Starves on the Street by Chris Carter
  • Chris Carter is Crazy by Oscar Wilde
  • Pimp My Mom
  • Who Wants to be A Cancelled Superhero? by Stan Lee
  • The King of Cancelled by Chris "Cancelled for the 478th time" Carter
  • The Oscar Wilde Show by Oscar Wilde and Uncyclopedia
  • Oscar Wilde's favorite quotes houre withe onlye one worde thate doesn't have ane e.
  • Firecancelled
  • Cancelledfly
  • Limozeen: But They're in Space! (part of Fox Kids)
  • Survivor: Island of Queers!
  • Generic Animated Comedy #7
  • Who Wants a Mystery Injection!
  • You
  • Fox TV
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Wonderfalls
  • Cancelled Wonder
  • Cancer Falls
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • The O.C! (yeah, it took a while, didn't it?)
  • Drink Water Till You Die Super Happy Fun Time Hour!
  • Single Female Lawyer
  • World's Blankiest Blank
  • 8 Animated shows in a row
  • World's Sluttiest Dogs
  • This Show Sucks


1987: Let Fox Weekend Piss You By

1988: That'll be the Year

1990: It's on top of Box and Fox and Lox!

1993: Fox: You're hating It to death

1994: The spit of Fox

1995: Shit Like Us

1996: Stopping Fox

1997: Just 5000+ Fox

Programs that linger on[edit]

  • Hey! We Still Have The Simpsons!
  • and King of the Hill! (Yes, I know we haven't shown a new one in years, bear with us here, the rest of Season 9, along with Seasons 10, 11, and 12 are in post-production!)
  • American Idol
  • American Idol
  • American Idol
  • American Idol
  • American Idol
  • American Idol
  • The Simpsons (On Sunday, further proving that Sundays are the only day people watch Fox)
  • The Simpsons
  • (Grudgingly) ...Family Guy HHMMPH!
  • MAD Magazine-branded SNL ripoff
  • The Simpsons
  • The Simpsons
  • Hey! I didn't know American Idol was on Fox!
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