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Frank Iero is the hot Guitarist from My Chemical Romance. He is now married to Jamia Nester. Apparently we are told he is Human. But is he really? Doubts are being made about whether someone as hot as Frank Iero could really be human. Recent research has shown no other human (except Johnny Depp) could possibly be as hot as Frank. Unfortunatly we have not been able to contact Frank or his parents to interview them about it.

Can you see tha antena??? Look closer. Does he look Human?

Is He?[edit]

The idea that Frank was an alien first seen in the "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" Film clip where some clever Fans discovered words above their head which had been cleverly edited out. It is now believed that that is how MCR talk to each other. The alarming thing is what they were saying... "World Domination or Pizza?"... The answer is simple... Domination then pizza... Anyways... Scientific analysis proves that the locker Frankie lept out of was actually a very high tech teleport device which includes a built in Ipod, Mobile Phone, and the most comfortable seats although they were all edited out of the film clip. And what of the yellow concoction? Scientists see that it was a super hot potion. The Magic Music? The Magic Crayon? The Magic F? The Magic Punch to the face? The Magic Tripping of the mascot? The Magic Sandwiches?
World Domination and/or Pizza!

Then Where Are They From?[edit]

New Jersey... It is the hottest planet ever... New Jersey (planet earth) Should be called New New Jersey as it was named after the planet but to conceal the world domination it had to be called New Jersey. Bob however was picked up from another planet... that planet had damn good drummers.

I want his jumper!!!

How Will They Dominate The World?[edit]

Have you ever wondered why their music was so damn good? Wondered why they are so damn hot? They use it to take over the world. But don't be frightened, keep listening to their music and keep fantasising because MCR taking over the world will be the best thing to ever happen.

His shirt says it all!

Remember to Purchase Franks Clothing

Alien Friends?[edit]

The Used as everyone knows is a friend of MCR but are they too aliens? Studies Show Absolutely.

Is She An Alien?[edit]

None of their girfriends of wives are aliens.

How Do I Tell?[edit]

Well if they don't appear human (eg. Too good/Bad to be true)they are more than likely Aliens or of Alien Decendant.

Known Aliens[edit]

Here are a few of the most commoly known Aliens (Feel free to add more) MCR, John Howard, Paris Hilton, The Used, Paramore, Identicle Twins, Your Mum, And Many more

What Do If I See One?[edit]

Leave it be. If you don't hurt it it wont hurt you.