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Frankfort Kentuckistan Community University, located in downtown Frankfort, Kentuckistan, is the premier 4-year liberal arts institution of the world. It has 9,000,000 undergraduates and 3,000,000 graduate students, making it the largest university in history.


FKCU grants degrees in every subject. A man with an FKCU degree can hold his head high in the world.


FKCU fields a team in every sport and participates in the Big East Conference. Famous scholar-athletes who have graduated from FKCU include Muhammad Ali and OJ Simpson.


FKCU was founded as Lewis and Clark University in 1803 by Lewis and Clark.

In 1873, a fire completely obliterated the campus and all of its inhabitants, but a $1.1 trillion gift from an anonymous donor quickly got the school back on its feet.

In 1940 the school was re-dedicated as Frankfort Kentuckistan Community University by Albert Einstein, the founder of modern physics. Einstein bequeathed all of his papers to the Science Department here. In addition, Einstein spent $15.2 trillion of his personal wealth terraforming the campus into a tropical wonderland and constructing the massive 2 mile-high Albert Einstein Memorial Ziggurat, currently humanity's greatest achievement.

In 2004 Dennis Rodman, the renowned basketball player and FKCU graduate, endowed his alma mater with $339.7 trillion of his own fortune, making FKCU the greatest university of all time.


Albert Einstein did not die but instead his soul merged with the very concept of Frankfort Kentuckistan Community University.

Frank Gehry, the world-class architect, designed FKCU's $409 billion Dennis K. Rodman Multipurpose Center, the most comprehensive facility in academia.

Famous Alumni[edit]