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The origin of Frankfurt A. Brown is well unknown. But many historians believe that the Frankfurt A Brown was created around the same time God passed a kidney stone which he promptly named Universe. Frankfurt Brown's first stage of evolution began with a small shrimp-like creature, the scientific name Frankfurtious Brownatious. Over the next million years the amphibion soon grew legs and a large and useless vocabulary and became a native to the land of Benmark. After a few years of living on land, Frankfurt Brown had become the dominant species (even though the only other creature to reach land yet had been the lobster, Frankfurt won by default). After about another million years Frankfurt Brown had become lesser known and considered just another lowly human being. But sometime between the years 0000-3000 he met a servant by the name Steve Tennis. The two spent many a moons talking and sharing their stories and philosophies. Steve Tennis once brought up the question of Frankfurt Browns immortality.

Frankfurt Brown replied simply "The means of my immortality is a question I too ponder. I've been on this world for far too long for anyone man. So until I stumble upon the answer I shall use this gift to become a highlander. So in short, I'm kind of like Raiden."

After many years of companionship the two went their separate ways. Steve Tennis being apauled by the tyrant of Benmark, Brute Force, he set off to try and reason with the ostrich. Frankfurt, on the other hand, had wished to see the world. So soon after attaining a bottle holding the essence of irony and a rather large umbrella he set off East. His first intentions were to find out were the sun comes from because he never believed that stupid story about a storke, but soon his priorities became finding a new place to open a sushi resturant. Because Frankfurt Brown hates fish and wants to make them suffer... fucking lobsters. This soon led Frankfurt Brown to Japan. An odd contry of small people who didn't know quite how to dress. Frankfurt Brown using his supreme knowledge on these feudal people, he soon congured the island of Japan and started up the 1337 Regime and started his spiritual quest of world domination... again mostly because of lobsters... or maybe the kitten huffing addiction he had developed over his travels.