Franklin Furnace Ohio

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Franklin Furnace is located in the middle of Southern Ohio in Scioto county in Green Township. It is located on the Ohio River and nourishes it's residents and with others a special chemical from all the near chemical plants that actually makes it's residents stupider each day.

The area that breeds these people is very rugged, ranging from 1/2 mile foothills to 2 mile foothills. The ground of these areas is very rugged as well, most places being mostly of thorn bushes and other weed like plants.

Somehow, very large whitetail deer exist, and the people thrive on these. In some areas, very large bucks(males) have been killed, which was started by a father and son, and this draws in hunters from all over the Eastern Seaboard.

This town is very, very, very small, it is barely not enough to make a wide spot in the highway, which leads to West Virginia. Though, these people are laughed upon being called "rednecks" and "blue collar", they have no care, they are content with their lives.

Green Township Local School[edit]

There is one thing that all of the pathetic creatures that call themselves humans have in common in this place that doesn't have a population significant enough to get on most maps. This blasphemous common union is some relation to the local school system which consists of 3 buildings (the High School and Elementary are connected).

The current primary building is the old highschool building. The third floor is off limits as it doesn't have a stable floor.

The elementary/highschool buildings have flat roofs. Not only do they have flat roofs but walls around the perimeter of the roofs. Obviously water pools on it and causes certain tiles to collapse spewing torrents of diseased water in the classrooms.

They do however try to prevent the stupefying affect by making their children go to school, though this has no purpose since the school is worn out from the 1920's.

In their school system lives a whole lot of different breeds of humans. There are the average student, which is quite common. Then there is the above average students, which are actually quite rare to find and tend to stick out. Then there is the stupid, uneventful student, which is the second most common.

At the school, activities are held. Strangly there are a disproportionate number of extra/co curricular activities to students. Such are concert band, jazz band, marching band, chior, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, baseball, quiz bowl team, book club, yearbook team, chess, bowling, and golf. Most of the athletic programs are awful, except the band.

In the band sticks out two people, whom, play football, and do band as well. Many people look at these as worthless people, since they do both and are shamed by both. But, the two are simple with it. Most people share a similar dillema in belonging to more than one of these groups. Needless to say, the schedueling of events is so chaotic that it must be done by the goddess Eris herself.

Brain Legend[edit]

On the south region lives a race that are very uncommon, for the have been exposed to the toxic fumes by the Ohio river, and the crack addicts that come down to the docks of the town to purchase "crack". If you wish to know more please call, 1-770-908-7383 for details. Then, there is the brain, no one dares touches the brain. The brain's father is a mastmind behind training for military and can kill a man with the flick of his wrist. Thereforth the brain is forever protected. Legends speak of the brain, saying if you stare at it long enough it will heal all of your weaknesses and make you immortal.