Franklin High School

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Established: 1960

Principal: Ronald F. Jeremy

Enrollment: 1766

Address: 5405 SE Woodward St, Portland OR 97206, Multnomah County

Contact Information: (503) 916-5140

Franklin High School (Oregon) is a Public High School located in Portland, Oregon. It is well known for its musical arts program, cited by many as the premier in Oregonian musical education. However, many Portland-based bands for not enough emphasis on "truly emotional" lyrics. It is also one of the only major Portland highschools to lack a marching band. As is characteristic of its home city, Franklin takes great pride in craftbrewed beer, and in fact has a brewing class.


The school's mascot is a female grizzly bear named David Bowie after the artist (school legend has it that the founder was unsure of the bear's gender, but the truth is he was unsure of Bowie's gender). The bear was a cub when given to the school in 1987, and has spent its life on the school grounds. The keeping of a live bear on school grounds has caused continuous controversy. After a rash of brutal maulings, a policy of having students sign waivers before entering school was enacted, and the bear severely reprimanded. Bowie is still known to appear in unexpected places around the school, and has a penchant for ambushing students (now only rarely harming them).

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Franklin Highschool.