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Better known as Franky goes to Hollywood, which is silly since the bugger is as dead as a doornail, Six feet under, Kicked the proverbial bucket, has snuffed it, met the grim reaper, followed the bright light, alas.. is no more, is pushing up daisies, is toast, lies rotting in his grave, knocked on the pearly gates, dead as a Dodo, swimming with the fishes.

If franky ever GOT there is unknown , but the fact remains that he surely attempted to GO there.

Franky Curie was born on moondayfest NineteenFiftySomething in the legendary land of Xanadu. The grandson of Marie and Pierre Curie, The inventors of cancer. His parents, Lisa and David "HumpBack / glow in the dark freak" Curie, died not long after Frankies birth due to radioactive food poisoning. At the age of 14 the Orphen Franky Curie dropped out of the nightclub scene in Dubai to attend the University of Scmiillicettittisinndamorghning in Wales to get a Master degree in some studie in very very little buglike thingies, you can't see, that can make you cough ( in various degrees of seriousness ).

Frankies bad trip[edit]

After he had completed his degree Franky decided, for no apperant rational reason, to GO to Hollywood. During his journey toward this, socalled, Hollywood he made ends meet by producing some godawful 80's style pop song with some seriously disturbing looking guys and 1 casio keyboard. Good thing for franky that this move was made in the 1980's making sure that , because of the lack of taste that dominated this era, the songs topped the charts and allowing Franky, the wierd band people and the casio keyboard to pay for gas in order to GET to Hollywood.

From this point on the information on Franky, the band and the keyboard gets fuzzy. Very shortly After the Author of the article went out to get a new pair of subscription glasses most of the information got a lot clearer and he can now finish the atricle.

From The cronicles of Steve Irwin , who followed Franky and the band'o'weirdfolks + Synth for several months, it is know that Franky , still passioned about science, build a genetic research lab in a trailer using scraps of garbage found by the side of the road.

It was in his Research trailer that Franky invented AIDS.

In a Tragic series of events Franky cat, tribes, Made a glass vile of the virus drop on the floor. Franky cut himself on the glass and in rage tossed a piece of glass out of the window only to hit a scary band member in the (left)eye who was subsequently rushed to the hospital where he bled on everybody causing a global epidemic.

It was supposed that Franky prepaired an antedote and send it to Tom Cruise for safe keeping. Supprisingly the bastard didn't want to give it back.

Franky "still going to Hollywood" Curie died in 1989 ,the very same day 12 years earlier on which Jimmy Somerville decided to NOT play guitar but casio keyboards instead ( Not that this has any relation to Franky what so ever, but it's still a creepy fact nevertheless ).

The Cat was convicted for first degree murder using a sharp deadly object and attempted genocide. tribes is now on deathrow waiting for her execution that is scheduled on treefestday 2011.


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