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Very little is known about Fraternities, those semi-mythical organisations that existed in Great Satanic universities before Great Satan was defeated by the Prophet Osama Revenge is Sweet and their leader Georgie the Stupid executed during the War on Terra over 500 years ago. What little we do know has been gleaned from remains found at the dig of a Blockbuster Video store recently uncovered near Nova Kuwait (known as New Orleans at the time) which was buried by the Great Storm known as Allah's Revenge (which was also the turning point of the war) and thus protected from the events of the Holy Cleansing.

Word Origin[edit]

The word fraternity is derived from the acronym FRAT (Fucking Retarded Ass Touchers) and ernity, a form of the word eternity that is typically uttered while wasted.


The names of all Fraternities are seemingly random collections of Greek letters[1], whilst a number of theories have been advanced for this ranging from "Satanists believed that naming their clubs using Greek Letters suggested Class and Learning by harking back to a time when Greece was the cultural capital of the known world[2], before the decadent Westerners (the Romans) subjugated it" proposed by Dr. Alhazred Khan of Londonistan University, to that put forward by Frank Mohammed writing in the New Medina Times that the organizations were originally setup by Greek immigrants. However most scholars now concede that it is almost certainly because the members of the societies are practitioners of the Greek Vice known as Hazing.


Whilst the most obvious elements of the Fraternity organisations were the on campus "Frat Houses", the remains of which have been uncovered at the sites of former universities all over the United Islamic States of Amerigo, it has become obvious that the true power rested with a shadowy cabal of individuals known only as "Alumni" it seems clear that when combined with the research done on tabloid hysteria by Dr. Igbal Bonrepaux of the Nova Basra Sorbonne that these "Alumni" were almost certainly the Pedophiles that appeared to be rife during the middle part of the 15th Century (the late 20th and early 21st by Pagan Calendars), in those areas that had not yet been enlightened by Allah and which were reaching the height of their decadence.


The purpose beyond the obvious homosexual anal-fucking sexual gratification given to each member every day is unknown. Due to the large quantities of beer ingested per week, frat boys usually have very large bellies and very small penises. Some houses coordinate their clothes daily, such as the "popped collared bitch" look amongst prep assholes. Many frats raise money for peace org's like Al-Qaeda and Hammas.


As alluded too above after the ultimate defeat of the Great Satan by Prophet Osama Revenge is Sweet Fraternities were banned and most of their members stoned as deviants, however for approximately 100 years right up until the founding of World Caliphate in 1530 (2106 in the Pagan Calendar) there were rumors of underground Fraternities, however once the whole world had been converted there was no longer a desire to engage in such acts and they all died out.


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