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Frau in German means Mrs., but when used in an English speaking country, a Frau is a German teacher. It is common for Frau's to have AIDS, and possibly genital herpes. This makes no sense however, because Frau's don't get laid...and therefore cannot contract sexual diseases. Never mind.

One of the most famous Frau's of this day and age is Ultra-Mega-Super Frau. She is extremely famous in the Frau community, and is worshipped worldwide in two different countries, by over seven Frau's. She became famous through her 'Frau's World' web page which contained a variety of weiners.

Interesting Facts About A Typical Frau[edit]

Frau without her human costume on.
  • She gave birth to Hitler.
  • She bathes in the blood of puppies to maintain eternal youth (youth being about 100 billion years old)
  • She wears Jedi boots, and is under the impression she is Han Solo. She enjoys stroking her wookie. And other peoples' wookies.
  • If she thinks about you exploding really, really'll explode.
  • She eats her pupils if they fail to do her bidding. Usually with some sort of weiner as a side dish.
  • She sleeps under her desk. This is because she doesn't own a house. This is because she is a hobo Frau.
  • She eats small children.
  • Her favourite sport is emotionally tormenting these children before she spears them on her nose, or a star picket, or whatever, like some kind of demented yiros. And then she eats them. (Without Barbeque sauce!)
  • Her extra bad pupils are taken home, where they are raped and whipped, then grinded to dust and snorted as a special form of cocaine, also known as Child Dust. This has resulted in an abnormal sized nose as the brain attempts to snort as much child goodness as it can.
  • Her second favourite sport is Lithuanian peasant hunting (the idea borrowed from the Teutonic Knights, c. 1400 AD).
  • Frau = Satan
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