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Fred Savage is an actor who has become famous for portraying himself. He has received the dubious honor of being named "Most Worthless Person on Earth" three times in a row. In 1998, he lost the award to David Spade.

Moley, moley, moley!

He is best known for his work on the television show, The Wonder Years, a program which focused on the sad depravity and psychosis of adolescent boys. Savage's character, meant to be an average preteen American boy, spent very little time agonizing over the size of his penis, masturbating, or setting things on fire, leading many critics to doubt the realism of the show. In recent interviews, Savage has revealed that he himself never masturbates, which explains why he is so incredibly dull. His debut in film and television was in the movie Dinosaur, in which he played the title character. His career has been greatly eclipsed by that of his younger brother, Ben, who is more adorable.

Recently, a flock of pygmy owls, long thought to be extinct, were discovered nesting in Fred Savage's hair.

His name is often used as a vulgar curse, as in, "I Fred-Savaged your mom last night," or, "That is a load of Fred Savage."


"I'm Fred Savage!" -Fred Savage (from the TV show South Park)