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Free money
It is a well-known fact that without money, you turn yellow

Free Trade (see bullshit) has a short, but confusing history. It began in the early 1960's, with post war America and generally revolves around money. The original idea of free trade was to make everything free, because then everyone who had lost all their money to communist dictators could still afford to pay the rent. Unfortunately, it was later realised that this doesn't work in practise, because then no one does any work at all (see work). So instead of banishing this idea altogether, the American government renegotiated the definition of the word free(if you want to know the current definition, go to free). Certain other organisations, such as the European Union and the Soviet Union(which was just created by the American government as a test, but a lot of American people hated the system for some reason, so it was abandoned to collapse in 1975) have tried to gain control of the ever-changing definition of free, but have failed in their attempts. The most likely successor to America, in controlling the definition of the word will be the many states of China. It is a well known fact in politics that whoever controls the meaning of free, controls the world.

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