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Note: This is about the French Foreign Chronicles… however, if you were desperately googling Sue Arrigo's name in hopes of finding out more about CIA development of HIV then click CIA development of HIV.

FRENCH FOREIGN CHRONICLES (Where Narnia is a fucking Pinocchio?)


By Sue Arrigo (secret ex-CIA/NSA doctor who KNOWS about the CIA's development and purposeful release of HIV/AIDS.)

I write to you faithful/uneducated readers from my secret hut on the moon (STFU BI3TCH3Z!, I H4V3 T3H N$A TE(H|\|0L0GY/NSA TECHNOLOGY!). This is concerning somewhat direct French involvement in the Korean war and how the inferior blacks were responsible for this travesty (plus the U.S. government 'cause EVERYTHING can be blamed on the United States government).

26 years after the downfall of Hitler. And after the Holy War of Vietnam. France was becoming peaceful. Lively. HAPPY!. And as every smart man or womyn knows. When the Frenchies get a chance to fuck their hawt wimmen and drink vodka for more than 5 seconds with an absence of artillery shells exploding in the middle of French cobblestoned streets...

That the world is going to end.

So thus, an Uberfrightened United Nations contacted the only people who they knew had the manpower, communication skills, and well.... brutality to get through to these people. The Black Panthers (Champions of justice, peace, liberty, and strong armed resistance against a crazy racist bassist government).

Here is a secret transcript of the opening talks from when Black Panther leader 'Abdul Akaka Nigra Yoiz Slaveson' and 'then' French president/prime minister/chief wine-taster Sebastard Napalon conversed about ways "to invigorate the French people".

The plans discussed[edit]

NOTICE: Since French is a Romance Language, and since Shit Languages are literally... SHIT when compared to the peoples language. This translation might not be perfect.

  • "So my friend Adbul Nigra B'in Katan"... Sebastard took a sip of his Campeiogne (Kam-pie-og-nay.. SEE? i TOLD YOU FRENCH IS SHIT!) wine and looked across the deli table at the man who'd approached him about invigorating his drunkards (AHEM).. people. "You come on behalf of the tribe of...", Sebastard looked at transcipt he did. "The Panther's Black, to show us a way illumine nos peuples?".
  • Abdul nodded, his dirty hands slowly reaching under the table to finger his Uberhot Muslim wife as she squirmed excitedly about, ready for pleas- (ahem... anyways). "Yes, and we know just where you can meddle to accomplish this".

(Sebastard didn't even take a swig, (nor a shot of wine for that matter) as he leaned across the table and rasped, "WHERE?".

Abdul nodded in satisfaction... his wife was close to *%^^#$^%#!!. "Korea" he said as his wife reached under the table herself and &$#@@ him.

The meddling begins[edit]