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From First to Last is a notable musical group, famous for producing Pastafarian inspirational music. Ex-lead singer Sonny Moore was well-known for wearing his hair long and sometimes not shaving, giving him the appearance of a pirate. Sonny quit the group recently due to religious differences (Sonny converted to Scientology). Sonny sucks This Guy's dick. After much soul-searching, the group decided to replace him with Matt Manning, who, while not Pastafarian, does resemble a pirate. FFTL lost roughly three-quarters its audience after announcing that Sonny quit, but no one really cares, seeing as how they were all incoherent fangirls anyway. When asked to comment on Sonny Moore's leave, guitarist Matt Good said "He was always really uppity, you know, because he was unusually short and midgets are the Pastafarian chosen people. And he sucked up the spotlight. We were actually planning on raping him the day he told us he was quitting...he was adopted anyway." Sonny Moore was widely believed to be in a homosexual relationship with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, however this was disproven when Sonny disclosed to the public that he was, in fact, asexual, thus shattering thousands of fangirls' dreams forever.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not emo. It is a rouse, to lure in emo kids who worship Gerard Way, only to show them the light of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Ex-members include Jack Sparrow (on drums) and Emo Jesus (vocals).