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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Fromunda cheese.

A typical block of Fromunda cheese.

Fromunda cheese is considered a delicacy in many 3rd world countries such as China and Canada, and many unknown parts of the planet Mars. This special kind of cheese was first conceived in Australia hence the 'fromunda' in the name. Up until 1989 it was called Fromdownunda cheese, but ever since the Hawaii-Australian war of 1978, Australia has frantically tried to stop the phrase 'from down under' being associated with them in any way.


The primary consumers of this very special cheese are primarily rich or otherwise upper-class members of society. The cheese is also used in several blends of fertilizer such as "I cant believe its not cow poo". Several gamers have found that the cheese works as a great ointment for the notorious Nintendo thumb. Other gamers have reported that the cheese also serves as a relief for carpal tunnel, on a side note, those gamers were found in the lotion aisle of a grocery store. Other uses of this wonderful cheese has yet to be determined. Fromunda cheese has been linked with a serious strain of what scientists are now calling the Glen Quagmire syndrome. If you put it on your dick it prevents pregnancy.

It is used to make Beaver Bandit repellant. Thus the reason why we never see the Beaver Bandit around Arby's OR anything that looks like a beat out beef and cheddar.


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Fromunda cheese is deadly to 98% of humans.

Fromunda cheese has recently been found to contain trace amounts of 25 unknown strains of AIDS. Another study has found that the study of Fromunda cheese has made several scientists go mad, apparently, the cheese contains a powerful hallucinogen as well as causing short-term memory loss.

Fromunda cheese in the news[edit]

The cheese has recently been rated as consumable by the FDA as well as being classified as a Class A chemical weapon by the French Military. It has been claimed that Fromunda cheese can bring the dead to life, cure blindness, and that God possibly evolved from it, twice. The most expensive and desirable type of Fromunda cheese is the Lipcheese. Lipcheese is know to have a high aphrodisiac effect and is highly addictive. It has been attributed to many divorces,suicides,and even death in some cases.