Frost giants

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Frost giants are related to the giants but, as the name reveals, they are frosty.

Frost giants live in some Scandinavian cities and the northern parts of Nicaragua. They eat Kellog's Frosties, polar bears, trees and people who only have one leg. The reason for this has been unknown for over 3000 years, until Swedish scientist Sven Kennpodenn captured a Frost giant and dissected it (while it was still alive). He then discovered that two-legged people could not pass the digestive tracts of the Frost giant. Only if swallowed with orange juice. Unfortunately frost giants hate orange.

The first frost giant was sighted in 1934 by a man from Gambia who happened to be in Norway to visit his grandmother.

Today there are over 3000 frost giants only in Sweden. There are about 200 in Norway, 40 in Nicaragua and about 1 in Australia, but he is only on vacation.