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Frumpfighter's sign of Frump-Fighting. Follow the warning! I mean, would you like to wake up like this?

Frump (Also known as "Manface Syndrome") is the technical term for someone (usually female) who is beginning to look more and more like a man, a chubby man, or who is just plain fat. People who are infected with this horrible disfigurement are likely to cause people to cringe when they see them, make people suddenly vomit, or even cause people to asplode. This epidemic has been noted by most world leaders, but is still ignored by George Bush, whose own wife has even been classed as "one of the frumpiest women in the world".

Distinuishing the Frump[edit]

It is so simple to distinuish people who have the frump that even a kitten huffing toddler could do it. But, as once stated by Einstein, admitting you have the frump is one of the hardest things someone can do, so I have composed this list:

  • You have a moustache.
  • You're skin resembles sandpaper, or anything equally rough.
  • People cringe when they see you.
  • People vomit when they see you.
  • People's heads asplode when they see you.
  • The mailman stopped coming to your house, out of fear.
  • You have huffed a kitten once in your life.
  • You look like Helen Clark

If any one of these apply to you, you have the frump. If none of these apply to you, then you probably still have the frump, but you're just too afraid to admit it.

Fighting the Frump[edit]

In the year -420AB, the world leaders of the world gathered together regarding the frump. They concluded that the frump was such a big issue that something had to be done about it. And it was. A campaign to 'Fight the Frump' was released, and dictated in High Schools and libraries worldwide, as well as other places that ugly girls gather. It was also at this time that Chuck Norris wrote his bestselling book Save the world: Fight the Frump, which instantly became a bestseller because anyone who didn't buy it got roundhouse kicked in the face. And thus, the Frumpfighter's steps to Fighting the Frump was born, and is as follows:

  • Shave that moustache.
  • Stop Huffing Kittens already.
  • Shave that beard.
  • Wear a paper bag over your head.
  • Lose weight.
  • Huff an elephant.
  • Buy Chuck Norris's's bestselling book Save the world: Fight the Frump.
  • Join a Frumpfighter's club.
  • Give up already.
  • Eat some sliced curry

People that need to Fight the Frump[edit]

Facts about The Frump[edit]

Did you know that:

  • When your Frump to normal ratio reaches 100%, you are technically a man?
  • All gay people are naturally born with 50% frump?
  • I do not have frump, but you do?
  • This Guy was born with -500% frump (Which has since increased to a massive 3%!)
  • If your Frump level exceeds 200%, your head will asplode?

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