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Those that are deemed "fucking stupid" are those that have failed to achieve more than 78.232 percent in the "Griffinvondorf Peculiargraph Vernaculatory Test for Brilliance".

This test is entirely arbitrary and usually based solely on the examiner's whim. Thus, much bribery and corruption exist in the dark underground of Fucking Stupidity Testing Centres where strumpets and harlots are often found to be coercing officials to declare such things "not fucking stupid" in which they have a vested interest (or at least pecuniary investment).

This measure of uselessness was created following the thirty-seventh year of the fourteenth century's horrendous riots regarding the supposed "fucking stupidity" of the King's new, pink castle. After half the population of Jerkmany were killed, it fell to Andrewsius Griffinvondorf to come up with a solution.

After one thousand, three-hundred and thrirty-seven nights locked away in his Tower of I'm Right, no matter what you fuckers down there say, he descended the side suspended on pure bullshit and threw copies of his new test, the Griffinvondorf Peculiargraph Vernaculatory Test for Brilliance, into the bloodied throng.

It was, of course, fucking stupid.

Fucking Stupid Things[edit]

;p;- Seriously, don't ask.

Yo' Mamma- When I was seeing her, she was.

You- You're reading this, aren't you?

This Page- You gonna argue?

People who use the username Wowbagger - I mean, what the fuck?

Cheese- What's up with that shit?

Rap - Do I even have to explain why?

Jerkmany- Little-known country of fat imbeciles.

Spikey- He's an unbelievable cunt who edits uncyclopedia articles to annoy their authors.

Fucking Stupid Words[edit]




Jesus Fucking Christ

From the preceding list, you may have guess that the examiners are not very happy people. Some say they are fucking stupid, but then the examiners have the final say and get out of any such accusation by declaring each other "not fucking stupid".

Fucking Stupid, is also the working title for a series of pornographic films starring Paris Hilton