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Originally a device created by The Raptor for cutting off power to other devices at inconvenient but dramatically important moments, such as when a hero is trying to complete a complicated final task in a fast-expiring period of time, these simple mechanisms eventually grew beyond their own capability. After a rogue Martha Stewart got fed up with her countless kitchen appliances blowing fuses, she ordered one of her minions to write a worm to alter the very nature of the humble fuse, making it stay functioning in even the most treacherous situation. This worked well, until the year 1895, when something went horribly wrong. Thanks to the invention of The Internet, the worm escaped the confines of her home and spread into the world.

Reports came in from around the globe that fuses had gained a collective conciousness, but this was only the beginning. The Fuses would eventually mount a full-scale mobilization of any and all devices that they felt could pose a threat to their very existence using the only technique they were aware of: generating sparks, fireballs, and exciting pyrotechnic displays which were otherwise unlikely to come from such a machine (which, ironically, meant comitting mass-suicide in the name of self-preservation... hey, we certainly never said they were smart). Because of this, Fuses were banned after what would later be dubbed The Great Fuse War resulted in over one billion deaths, most at the hands of trusted daily appliances. Circuit Breakers, while not exactly banned, were caught up in a grammatical error in the law. As such, any consoles from this point on are likely to explode in a shower of sparks and clouds of smoke as soon as the facility (usually a spaceship) is hit by any kind of unexpected event (torpedo hit, shield failure, mysterious sentient energy field overriding local computers, microwaving brownies, existing, etc.).