Fyris river

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Originating from the Delta of the blue Nile, the Fyris river is widely regarded as the worst named river in Uppsala, having got its name from a nearby Moose cloning facility named Fyrishov.


Fyris river was first discovered in 1685 when a team of italian scientists were traveling the lands of Sweden to do research on its many semi-intelligent inhabitants known as Socialdemocrats.

Animal Life[edit]

Every year during the mating season thousands of Celts flock to the banks of the Fyris river to lay their eggs in its muddy depths and eat rocks, though the complete asbcense of the latter tends to kill the majority of them. Little is known as to why the Celts do so, but it is widely regarded that it proves that Celts were created by the flying spaghetti monster as predicted by the Unintelligent Design theory.

A final word of advice: if you ever see the fyris river, whatever you do, don't get closer than 25 metres, as the foul scents originating from it tends to kill all non-celt forms of life.


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