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Known as the leader of the Domesticons, a sub-category of the Autobots, the GEORGEFOREMANLEANMEATFATREDUCINGGRILLICON (aka GEORGEICON) is a formidable opponent.

Born somewhere in the mid-1990's, the GEORGEFOREMANLEANMEATFATREDUCINGGRILLICON gained his reputation as the best in fat-reducing electric grills by reducing the body fat of his opponents past safe levels, causing them to look anorexic. This caused his opponents' friends to try to intervene and take them to clinics to rectify their apparent anorexia or bulimia, giving the GEORGEFOREMANLEANMEATFATREDUCINGGRILLICON the victory.

Despite dangerous electrical failures every now and then, the GEORGEFOREMANLEANMEATFATREDUCINGGRILLICON is the strongest of the DOMESTIBOTS, and you should watch your fat around him.

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