Grand Theft Auto: Metro City

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Grand Theft Auto: Metro City
GTA MC .jpg
It's a come back for Andres who changes his name to come back in the U.S.
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2016
Genre Free-Form Adventure
Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista, PS4
Rating M +17 (U.S.) +15 (Europe)
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Grand Theft Auto: Metro City is the third installment of the GTA series by HZ Corp. Games. It's the sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong. I think you going to like it. This game has 2 protagonists that are fighting each other for one goal and it's takeover and money. this game sets in Metro City, now America's largest city and overpopulated city. This game's story talks about two brothers who would have one goal and it's to kill each other and get their father's fortune. Andres Aceituno: the younger brother who was deported to Mexico (mistakefully), leaving Mexico to Hong Kong and leaving China to go back to the U.S. under the name: Kevin Hernandez. Francisco Aceituno: the older brother who framed his brother and believed that Andres stole his fortune and wants his revenge. they both end up homeless and living in ghetto projects and both of them must reach to the top and prove who's stronger, richer, and powerful.


This is the freakin time you can play the character by choice and if you play that fuckin character, you have a different storyline and different bad guys to fight and kill. Safehouses in GTA: Metro City have some garage to store cars and parking lot to park your safepoint. The setting is bigger than before and half the city's boorughs are free roaming. Now, you can talk to civilians and while talking to them, you can make choices and decide for them yourself. You can buy cellphones and each cellphone has different settings and different numbers. Airports are more strict than ever and tanks are back after GTA: Mexico City because of an Army Base closer to the city. Also, new weapons are added and weapons can be made by using wits like: toaster, cocktail, and match to make a pyro grenade. Fighting moves and self defense can be added and you can exercise to increase speed and stamina.


This game sets in Metro City (Usually Metropolitan City) and it's huger than Hong Kong and Mexico City combined if they're here. It's in the Southeast United States and it's enough area to make gang turfs in this city. Even Brooklyn Mafia can settle this city as colony gang turf. Metro City is divided into "Cities". Each city has houses, ghettos, airports maybe, highways, buildings, and more shitty businesses. The year of this setting city is 2018. The names of the parts of Metro City are: Neo Eagleson, Neo Troy Island, Mancreeker, and Port Crescent.

Port Crescent[edit]

Port Crescent is the only city that has industrial neighborhoods, more ghettos, the projects, more slums, and more shitty places. It's the second borough where Frank gets hoes from the monopoly guy and Andres would start a drug freight business in this city. It's more roomy and poorer. It features a military base, a prison, projects, empty airport field under construction and a large solar plant.


Mancreeker is the first city you can enter and your house is in the apartment district. This place has more fast food, elevated trains, and dirty ghettos. The city features districts and neighborhoods like:

  • Freeway Point:
  • Mancreeker Business District: Downtown central of Mancreeker
  • Pitchfork District: Housing estate with middle and upper middle class housing.
  • Airport City: Commercial/residential neighborhood closer to the airport and homes pilots, factory workers, and airport workers.
  • Sumter: Housing district of the city. It's a mix of homes and apartments. It also homes an elevated train station, 2 warehouse stores, and a mall.
  • Mancreeker Beach Projects: Projects housing neighborhood with a view of the beach.
  • William T. Sherm Int'l Airport: The airport of Mancreeker and the only airport of Metro City that is operational with other airports in Metro under construction.

Neo Troy Island[edit]

Neo Troy Island is the largest island central business city of Metro city. The population of this city is larger than any other parts of Metro City. It features the HZ Industries building, the 5th tallest in the city. Andres goes to the central island to find Queens Gangleader King Burga. It's highways and freeways are longer and connects to other cities.

Neo Eagleson[edit]

Neo Eagleson is the 2nd largest city in Metro City. Based on parts of New Jersey and it features mixed industrial, residential, and commercial parts in this city. It also features an empty area with is an airport under construction and a lost city in the game which never mentions it in game manual or gameplay. When you enter the lost city, theres a chance that the lost city will be put on the map. Lost city in the game is: Eron City.


It sets after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong when Andres comes back to the U.S. with a new name: Kevin Hernandez. Meanwhile, Frank has been dethroned as the kingpin when the don of some other mafia throws him out. Francisco lost his fortune and his gang. Frank learns to survive with wits from Taekwondo. Andres comes back as he faked his death from Hong Kong and Berlin for drug running. It can make Lei stop chasing Andres. Andres is home again as he plans to rebuild his empire again and finds and kill his brother. He searches his piece of past and present to get to Frank. Both of them have different adventures of carjacking, hookers, and shooting. Another adventures include going to HZ Industries to find some secret stash of money and guns. Then both brothers prepare for a final battle over billions of dollars. Then Some assassins of IN or HZ sideways, decide to kill them all and freeze them.


Main Characters[edit]

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Wow thats a shit to me.
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Hard to tell if thats his evil brother?

Andres Aceituno: One of the 2 playable characters. If you chose him, your antagonist is Francisco Aceituno. He's the protagonist of GTA: Mexico City and GTA: Hong Kong. He starts as a homeless man and he beats a civilian and take his clothes and Greg Hitman lets him use Henry's apartment as his safehouse in Sumter. His goal is to prove Frank framed him, kill him, and get back his father's fortune from the dead.

Francisco Aceituno: The older brother of the protagonist of GTA: Mexico City and Hong Kong. If you chose him, your antagonist is Andres and you must get your fortune back. You start at Mancreeker Beach Projects in SouthWest side of the borough. He confronts Nelson Muntz and Bart Simpson the street fighters from Springfield and the projects.

Andre's Supporting Characters[edit]

  • Ashton Kutcher: Some comedian actor friend who helps him get to hollywood themed places in Metro City. He would go to a life of acting to crime because his life suck and it's boring.
  • Max Lopez: "The little dude from across the street." He comes to Metro City to avenge his father because Frank killed his father and he wants to give up his skateboarding dream to handle dad's death and restore the honor of his dad.
  • Hwoarang: The Korean Taekwondo biker from Hong Kong, returns to Metro City as a racer circuiter and supporting fighter of Andres. He was bored in Hong Kong and he wants to do street fighting, meet Jin, and hustle money from the Vice Kings.He grows old and so bored, his life will end with suicide.
  • Edgar Estrada: Andre's old friend and father of 2 children. He retire from Grand Theft Auto as he is married with Nicole Parker from MADtv. He wants to live in peace and prosperity. He has a job with involving HZ Industries. His money supported the children and the children are geniuses and disclipined. Their friendship grew apart due to his family and marriage life.
  • Nicole Parker: Wife of Edgar Estrada who loved his humor and muscle. She's a funny chick.
  • Ghost Michael Jackson (RIP): Michael Jackson's body comes back as a ghost. He helps Andres about bringing hope to everyone and everything wrong about the city and the world. He fights the almighty Jim Carrey demon.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki: A street drifter and shinigami from Tokyo, Japan. He lost his soul when an evil handsome guy kills his heart and slices him in half.
  • Ariel Ramirez: A Hispanic American street drifter from Miami. He was in Japan with Ichigo to work to be the best street racer in the city streets. He left Japan to open auto parts store to assemble car parts for street car tuning.
  • Megan Fox: Related to champion boxer Steve Fox, she is a hot sexy model with big ass and gorgeous tits.
  • Treon Muhammed Abdul Burns Shaka: A former friend decides to regain his friendship with Andres. He agrees to be friends with Andres if he appreciates his South African goovernment of freedom left wing nationalism. Andres agrees to be friends with Treon again.

Frank's Supporting Characters[edit]

Is he from that chick flick movie?
  • The Monopoly Guy: A human trafficker/pimp transporting hoes from vice city to metro city via the railroads. He helps Frank with the hoes in his Strip Club business. He would give him his hoes for money and the monopoly guy would kill Andres with his cane and send his snobby chaps to go after him.
  • Edward Twilight: The 115 year old vampire from a movie based on a book, comes to GTA: Metro City to help Frank fight Andres by giving him animal blood and animal blood will offer Edward a favor and Frank wants him to bite his allies.
  • William Saenz: Josh's rival and former friend, comes to join with Bob Aceituno to kill Andres for money. He approaches Josh and kills him. Andres avenges him and William kills some blacks for dissing his friend: Diego.
  • Jahir Yusuf: A wealthy Arab from UAE working for Frank for his property development and real estate buying.
  • Montez: A snitch for Frank who pretended to be an ally to Andres. Then Andres discovers that Montez has a gang symbol and it's his brother's gang symbol. Montez had to disappear when Andres knew he was a snitch.
  • Michael McDonald: Former MADtv cast member who joins HZ Industries and allies with Bob Aceituno. He wants Nicole Parker to be killed for dumping him.
  • Isabella: Girlfriend of Edward (Later wife od Edward due to her pregnancy). She joins with Edward to support Frank's gang. She shoots and she's sensative. Jacob is within the gang.
  • John Travolta: A Scientologist after Andres for murdering Jett and Kelly Preston. John is so depressed, he would kill himself.

Map of Metro City[edit]

Wow thats crappy and stupid map anyone made.

Gangs In Metro City[edit]

Frank's Gang: The once powerful gang in Metro City which is falling when the mob took Frank down and lost all of his gang and he needs to dethrone the mob and his brother.

Andres' Gang: The longest running gang since Mexico City and Hong Kong. He lost another gang in Hong Kong and he needs to restore honor and his gang from Frank, because he framed him and tried to kill him.

Vice Kings: The gold themed gang who controls the central east of the city and controls the projects. Their activities are drug running, prostitution, gambling, and drug smuggling.

Guzman Bangers: David Guzman's gang from NYC and he wants to move his entire gang to the "Big Eagle City". His gang is at their activities of drug dealing and prostitution.

Wayans Gang: Shawn and Marlon's gang from Grand Theft Auto: Wayans Stories.The gang from NYC and Marlon and Shawn Williams controls as a dual gang rule. Marlon dies first and Shawn gets Andres or Frank by capturing them both. Then Shawn gets shot and the Wayans Gang stop making booty.

Fast and the Furious Gang: The street racing gang in which Frank and Andres try to compete each other against. Andres races against the boss but Frank joins and Frank wins the race. Frank owns the fast racing gang and Andres uses the skills of drift to make an autoshop.

Post-Metro City[edit]

Both of Frank and Andres' ending end up when HZ Corps. gang members used tasers to tire both guys out. Andres and Frank both end up in cryogenic tubes in 3 months. The cryogenic tubes of both guys, separate from each other and end up shipping to Diamond City. As Andres' old friends think of him dead, the lives are dead and no old friend is alive.


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