Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City

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Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City
GTA Mexico City .jpg
It's a shitty Mexican game with crap, tacos, drugs, and holmes.
Developer Rockstar
Release Date 2009
Genre Free-Form
Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
Rating M +17
Would Segata Sanshiro play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City is the first installment made by HZ Corp. Games. This game has more sex, crack, cars, weapons, more poor people, more Mexicans, and more shit in the hood. This game is set in Mexico City in 2009, when Obama is president and Andres Aceituno comes to Mexico City because he was framed for being an illegal immigrant which he's not. Andres wants to prove he's not an immigrant from Mexico by controling and making a decision to take over Mexico. In this game, your goal is to control the capital of Mexico, earn millions of dollars, find evidence of his framed illegal attempts of enter in US-Mexico border, and to kill the loser responsible for framing him. Now this game has more features including screwdrivers for hacking car start, types of drugs to sell, gang customization, gang takeover, Gang weapons holding, new fighting moves, and more.



Andres Aceituno a 3rd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, goes for a walk to the mall when a school shooting occurs and Peter Houghton (the shooter of the school) tells that Andres is the illegal alien who climb the border and US border control sentences him to deportation until death. He didn't climb the border, he was born from Venezuela with legal citizenship shitty papers. Andres get deported (who feels innocently) to Mexico City. Someone is responsible for deporting Andres out of the country.

Chapter 1: Andres In Mexico City[edit]

In Mexico City, he feels lonely and he sees his old friend Edgar Estrada in the city. Estrada gives him a safehouse and Andres sees gangs called "Lopez Gang" and beats their asses to death and police came and escaped. Downtown and middle class districts are blocked off due to communist threat.

Chapter 2: Los Lobos Greasers[edit]

George Lopez joins with Andres to form one gang alliance and it's Andres' Gang. His next target is Los Lobos Greasers, Lopez Gang enemies. Edgar decides to vandalize their hangouts and bars to bring respect to them. The Rodriguez Mafia, the powerful mafia of all in Mexico City are trying to reach their goal: to kill Andres.

Chapter 3: COTY Mafia and Open Downtown[edit]

As the Greasers try to get along with the Lopez gang, Andres sees that downtown Mexico City is safe and open for them to fight the COTY Mafia. The strongest, smartest, and richest mafia in Downtown Mexico City. This Chapter is one of the longest of all.

Chapter 4: Old Friends and Allies Reunite[edit]

Edgar comes back with Montez, Zackery, and David. His old friends decide to help with his gang domination in Mexico City. Their target gangs is: Los Aztecas Gang and LOS SANTOS Grove Street Gang led by Carl Johnson (GTA:SA Main Player).

Chapter 5: Rise of Aceituno Mafia Gang[edit]

As Andres discovers that his gang is stronger, the one remaining gang is: The Ridriguez Mafia. He needs to take out Chylde Moe Lester, the Mafia leader. Ov Irgin Moe Lester uses him as cover for his mafia to fuckin find out he's leading in secret.

Chapter 6: Fall of Aceituno Gang and Rat Discovered[edit]

Andres soon discover that his gang has too power over the other gangs of Mexico City and it's so cool. His power is too much and that Rodriguez and Dominic is getting too close to Andres for his empire to collapse. Another problem is that a swine flu has risen and killing Andres' gang and effecting everyone into swine flu shit. Andres fights Gary and Gary gets shot. As the mexican Army approaches Andres, he and his friends must leave as his empire is exposed in mexico. He decides to go to Hong Kong as the only escape to the east.


Main Protagonists[edit]

Andres Aceituno: The main character who would fuck with hot chicks only and porn star actresses. He's 3rd Degree black belt in TKD. Peter have snitched on him framefully and it's shit man. His life is to steal money from the rich and give it to the fucking poor. He leads his gang to being poor to rich and spends money on brothels, street races, and bar.

Edgar Estrada: Andres' best friend since childhood, and now a businessman and leader of his gang. He goes to Mexico City for a gang takeover and to use business for a takeover on Mexico City. He's described as Darth Vader's son and killer of Palpatine dude. The city of Mexico is his only choice for excitement. His gang is usually disciplined and trained to kill and sell drugs for the money. He decides to leave Mexico due to the rise of the swine flu.

Supporting Characters[edit]

George Lopez: A Mexican comedian who is known for his catachphrases: "Waaah-Paahh", "Shhhhhaooow", and "I Got This". He's the leader of his gang who smoke, earn millions, have sex, and rather not use weapons because it attracts police. In this game, he's a wannabe comedian.

Angel Perez: The insane character who pays Andres more money and the money was counterfeit, which he never knew it was it. The Mexican City police arrests him for fake money and selling drugs. Andres breaks him out of Texo Hidago Prison in the slums outside of Mexico City. His code in the cell of the prison, he's in is playing cool for men to have sex with women with a good charisma.

Don Fernando "Coty" Gonzalez: The don of Coty Mafia in Mexico City. He is in his 80s and fought in the Mexican Army in the 40s. He's more supportive to Andres and he's like a father figure to him and Edgar. His mafia gang is more of a business gang with in prostitution, gambling, and extortion. He dies by heart attack at the end of this game. He had 4 grandchildren who wanted him to feel happy and he loved all of his children

Flo-Rida: The rapper of all of Miami. He goes to Mexico to see the rich man, Andres. He owns a store in the city and he works secretly in the drug trade for sexy woman and liquor.

Ponytail Dude: A ponytail person. He works for a postal office. He uses mail to ship secret drugs in towards downtown to Andre's houses.

Main Antagonists[edit]

Garrison Rodriguez: The Mexican communist and evil doer of Mexico City who wants to kill Andres for his gang, drugs, and money. He gets in Andres' way to ruling Mexico City.

Chris Perez: The cousin of Angel who wants him dead to have drugs and get laid in the Mexican Dream with factory working and cheap meds in retirement. He fights for Gary and to go after Lee Chaolan in Hong Kong. He's the second commander of the Rodriquez gang.

Juan Rosario: A drug dealer for COTY Mafia. He was working as a pill dealer at teen age and he's a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Opposing Characters[edit]

Dominic Valdez: Once a fast and furious street racer and gotten arrested for illegal street races held in L.A. He leaves to Mexico to avoid being caught by the police again. He joins the Rodriguez gang to kill Andres to avenge his friends who was killed by him.

Harry Gurrerro: A cocky dorky pervert that wants to kill Andres and plans to overthrow Gary and Andres for him to be the boss of 2 major gang organization of Mexico City.

Alejandro Jimenez: A bored man who needs adventure and to kill anyone in his way including Edgar, which he's after. He's the assassin of the opposing gang to kill any members of the Andres Gang.

GAY Terrorist: A gay iraqi killer from Iran and he is HowTo: Be Gaygay for beef. He's reaaaalllly gggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Mentioned Characters[edit]

Hwoarang: A street fighter from Korea, selling white gold and making bar fights. His face is seen in Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong as a drug dealer for the Kowloon Biker Gang.

Han Kung Wu: Japanese street drifter in Metro City. His face doesn't appear until Grand Theft Auto: Metro City. In GTA: Metro City, Han works with Andres to defeat Frank's street drifters.

Gangs of GTA: Mexico City[edit]

Lopez Gang: George Lopez's gang and they rather do more sex and get high than drive-by shooting and killing other gangs.

Aceituno Gang: Andre's gang starting with Edgar and Andres as friends who would takeover mexico City as their goal by taking over other gangs and killing them all. The started by going through the roots by killing the Mexican Slums gang members with is 50 of them all (Too small).

COTY Mafia: The largest mafia in the Central Core side of the city, supporting Andres if he does Coty a favor and do the Italian homo man. COTY hates homos.

Rodriguez Gang: Antagonist gang of the game lead by Garrison Rodriguez. They're former KGB and Mexican Socialists.

Radio Stations of GTA: Mexico City[edit]

  • RADIOACTIVO 98.5: Comedian Radio

-Burge King Joke Chihuahua Joke MADtv Radio jokes

  • AMOR 108: Latin Romance; Salsa
  • Rock De Rollo 97.6: Latin Rock and Classic Rock

-Los Lobos: La Bamba

-Boston: Don't Look Back

  • D Poppen: Latin pop
  • Beat Boxer 99.7: West Coast Hip hop; Hip Hop.

-Gritz: My Life Be Like

-Dr. Dre: Nuthin but a G Thang

-50 Cent: In Da Club

-Akon: I'm So Paid

-Ice Cube: Today was a good day

  • MexicoTechnoXL FM: Techno Music.
  • Texcococo San Juan Hits: Reggaeton
  • Mi Corazon del Mexico: Mariachi music
  • El Super Boogie: Disco Music

-Peter Griffin: Spiderman

-Gary's Gang: Keep On Dancin'

  • El Texas Mix 89.5FM: Tejano Music

-Selena: Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb


There is a sequel called: Grand Theft Auto: Hong Kong.


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