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Grand Theft Auto: Wayans Stories
GTA Wayans .jpg
Brothers Working together to get money, champaigne, women, and respect from Dee and Pops
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2019
Genre Free-Form Negro
Platforms PS4, Mac, Windows Vista, PS5, PC, and Microsoft
Rating M +17
Would Sal Fasano play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Grand Theft Auto: Wayan Stories is the first game with 2 niggers in the game instead of one. It sets in 1998 when Marlon loses his virginity and Shawn gets his GED. Pops gets his machine to upgrade his restaurant and it's a robot and Dee gets a man and loses him by cheating on her. It's all about the family who wants to control New York City and it's 5 boroughs (Despite that Staten island is not available in the game due to it's boring culture).


This is the first time to use a black guy instead of Boy George and George Lopez. It's similar to GTA: Metro City with play one of the two brothers, but this time the brother you chose, won't fight each other and they're helping each other. Both brothers use different safehouses, do different jobs, and sometimes go to the same apartment as a meeting HQ.


Whoa it sucks balls and it sucks nice not cool.

It's New York City dummies. It's been Hollywood's best set and best city in the U.S. Even the Eagle sheds tears. It's only the 4 boroughs of the NYC that counts and Staten sucks balls man. Theres Manhattan, the home of the empire state building, times square, and even the WTC. Queens have Laguardia, Flushing Meadows Park, and JFK Airport. Brooklyn homes the bridge, it's own downtown, projects, and bed-stuy. Bronx homes co-op, puerto ricans, and the birthculture of hip hop and graffiti. Staten island is just stupid housing and it's not fun. It sets in 1998 after GTA: MADTV when the brothers, their pops, and security guard decides to change their lives to being rich and setting to happiness by taking over NYC.


  • Shawn Williams: The smart brother who knows business, tries to fit in with his posse, supports Marlon, and have hard hit with women and wants to fuck with them. He's more smarter than Marlon and he's skinny.
  • Marlon Williams: The younger brother and the stupid one who acts, get involve in commercials, getting women, having more sex appeal, pathetic, and loves money.
  • Pops Williams: The father who bang with mom to get her to marry him. He does more "bang, bang, bang, and bang" on women who are in the playboy magazine.
  • Deirdre "Dee" Baxter: Female security guard who guards the Building of the family restaurant. She gets a man who ends up fucking her and cheats on her with another women who fucks with more women. She kicks the asses of men bad guys.
  • T.C.: Shawn and Marlon's gangster and friend who steals their stuff and gets women from playboy magazine. He lives in Long Island and works with the Monopoly Guy. He's a former convict and he had been arrested for raping hentai girls, masterbating, murdering old women, counterfeiting money, food stamps, and pimping. His jive behavior made his prison life lasts shortly. T.C. helps Marlon getting women.
  • Dupree: The fattest guy and pizza eater of the gang. He's T.C.'s best friend since the 80s and plays video games like Tekken 2 and the new Tekken 3.
  • George Lopez: A comedian who is on vacation and works at an airplane parts factory in L.A. He sees Shawn to do a favor for him and he wants him to kill Uncle Ritter. He ends up leaving NYC to go back to L.A. to see his family.
  • Jimmy Hopkins: The bad guy and final boss of the game. He leads a huge Mafia gang all over NYC. Jimmy kills Grandma and kills Dupree. Marlon and Shawn want to get him for killing their gang members and love ones. The final mission sets in the World Trade Center or the "Twin Towers". Both of them try to fight them mob members in the tower and reaches the top of the tower and kills him.
  • St. Timm: An evil devil with immortality and superpowers.
  • White Mike: The only white guy mocking the two brothers even when, Marlon hit his leg and Mike did the dancing at a contest and won honeys and moneys. he works with jimmy and Tacos Del Muerte.
  • Bernie "Shank" Mac: The toughest man and comedian ever made by man. He scared Marlon into marrying his sister and his hentai bodyguards beaten and rape Shawn and Pops. Dee fights Shank at the wedding. With the help of marlon and Shawn Wayans, he beaten his ass. He dies 10 years after these events due to lung cancer.
  • Tacos Del Muerte: A killer who is a Mexican Taco with a sombrero. The Black Widower's taco cuisine is named after him.
  • Uncle Ritter: A black uncle who is a former pimp from the 40s and he is connected with the BLack Widower.
  • David Guzman: A cuban who wants stuff from the bros.
  • A Tribe Called Quest: A hip hop band who did the theme song intro for their show. Now, the brothers need respect and fame by protecting them from Yakuzas who go after their shit.

Downloadable Contents[edit]

Theres a episodic content for GTA: Wayans and it's a fucked spin off called:GTA Wayans: The Puerto Rican Guy Who Sees The Wayans. It features only one guy who is Puerto Rican main character and it's: Fernando Sanchez. This game sets in the same city but this time it features New Jersey counties of Essex (balls land), Hudson (the penis land), and Bergen (nothing land). There's the same gameplay and there's new gameplay like drug smoking, fear, new vehicles, new buildings, new radio stations, and new weapons. There's another episodic content called: GTA Wayans: KoreanCity Wars. It has more new characters introduced in this content. The protagonist's name is: Kim Sung Lee and he lives in a Korean district part of New Jersey. He can now do more shit than ever. Kim's father is here to promote North Korean communism. Kim dishonors his father and decides to use the mafia to control and force the people to the Juche idea.

See Also[edit]

GTA: George Lopez Stories: A sequel to Wayans Bros.

GTA: Mexico City: Another sequel, this time it's a sequel for George Lopez Stories.

  • Downloadable Contents

GTA Wayans: The Puerto Rican Guy Who Sees The Wayans: A downloadable content about a bisexual man who goes after Tim Curry.

User:TKDKidXism/GTA Wayans: KoreanCity Wars: Korean 2nd in command leader Kim trying to honor his father for nursing him hs whole life

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