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The flag of Gabon. The trashcan has NO BAG in it, and it's represented upside down, so we have GABON.
Gabon's borders and cities.

Gabon is a big north American country, located north of Canada and south of Mexico. The country's name is derived from the national moto, "Gab On!", witch the first Gabonese king, Armeggabbon, invented. Most of the gabonese people are part of an ancient mute tribe, and when they gaind their independency, Armeggabbon decided that the name Gabon is the more suitable than the other offer, TalkTalkTalk.


After the nameless mute tribe was gone in 1665, the French founded Gabon as Jambon. Armeggabbon was the first king, and he declared independency on January 7, 1700. Nowdays, Gabon is the most talkedabout country in America, and its national sport, Talking, was adapted by American rappers. Surprisingly, not that many people realize that the sovereign of Gabon happens to be Yonghyun, Song. Yonghyun is the true masterpiece of 21st century. (carried on in the article below)

YongHyun, Song[edit]

Yonghyun was born on May 6th, 1990. The moment he set foot on this earth, he was dubbed a Jungle man. He spent his youth in the jungle eating nothing but bananas. After getting an epiphany one day, he went to a seemingly interesting country he knew: South Korea. Yonghyun Song had been the ruler of Gabon until he got into KMLA, the most restrictive school in Korea. There, he learned that Koreans are generally a batch of midgets up to no good, except constantly engaging in a series of cosmetic surgeries to decrease the sizes of their faces. He learned to eat kimchi without barfing, he learned to keep his head down whenever old, smelly elders passed him by, burping and picking their teeth with plastic toothpicks. Yonghyun is one of the most influential figures in South Korea as of now, engaging in a spectacular debate with a master of Korean Debate (known as D-Baek) and winning over a crucial topic of whether to continue a topic of General Paper or not. General Paper is a farce created by some students in Singapore in the 1990s.


The sport of talking was invented by Wills "Mith" "the rapper", a Gabonese former talkshow host. The rules are very simple and yet demanding:

  • One user is wrighting a message in the talkpage of an Uncyclopedian article.
  • A second user (that could as well be the same one) answers him, or wrights a different message with no relation to the first one.

The current talking champion of the world is the Talkon Niggers, after a great win over Chatterfield from England.

The famous talking match between Wilss "Mith" and J Lennon.