Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

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Comrade Nadeau-Dubois (front, left) near a rabid anarchist panda.
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Gabriel "Comrade Red Badger" Nadeau-Dubois (May 31, 1990) is a student strike-organizer responsible for the ongoing 2011 Quebec student-strike movement. Despite of substantial support among radicals, few actually discover his rather "humble" beginnings abroad. At a ripe age, Nadeau-Dubois was allegedly lured into a FREE CANDY van bride-kidnapping style by Kim Jong-Il's commandos and was sent to North Korea to be trained as a Manchurian Candidate in accordance to Mao's will. Under the guise of a democratically-elected student representative of the sabotage operation codenamed "Operation CLASSE", Nadeau-Dubois is responsible for creating massive civil unrest in la Belle Province. The training he received in North Korea has given him the ability to utilize common materials as demonstration symbols, such as the ubiquitous red fabric pins and ludicrous red square stickers, as well as cheap tools for demonstration purposes such as pots and wooden spoons, which are used everyday at 8PM by demonstrators across the city of Montreal as part of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra's efforts to orchestrate (pun intended) a social experiment in the form of a city-wide percussion concert to attract drumbanging-loving hippies, anarchists and communists into the city.

Special skills[edit]

Nadeau-Dubois is currently listed on an all-points bulletin for rent evasion, as well as overindulgence of Russian alcoholic beverages in public. Civilians should be warned that Nadeau-Dubois is often publicly surrounded by a herd of pandas ridden with rabies given by the People's Republic of China (for free of course). The student turned Manchurian Candidate student leader is regarded as the the Great Successor of the leadership in the FLQ Bloc Quebecois as well as the Communist Party of Canada. So far, Nadeau-Dubois has declined interview requests from major non-left-wing media outlets such as Canada's SUN News Network or America's FOX News.

On May 25th, 2011, street rumours emerged that Nadeau-Dubois has completed his elite helicopter pilot training course funded and supervised by Cuban agents and will begin using a chopper to track down defectors and "agent provocateurs" in future protests.

Famous Quotes by Nadeau-Dubois[edit]

Cquote1.png FRENCH NOT ENGLISH!!! Cquote2.png
Cquote1.png Education gratuite au Québec pour maintenant et pour demain ... comme en Europe ! Cquote2.png
Cquote1.png Vivre le Québec libre.. sous le COMMUNISME ! Cquote2.png
Cquote1.png L'education n'est pas un droit, il est UNE GAUCHE ! Cquote2.png