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Galopy Is Here For Its Migrating Season!

Viewing this page might result to Galopy catching you and devouring your heart if you're an emo
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“I'll punch it if it lands on my front porch”

~ Mr. T on Galopy

“I want the GAME!”

~ Adam Sandler on Galopy

“Must resist to look at the page”

~ Gerard Way on Galopy
The abnormally gone wrong freak accidentally made creature, GALOPY!.


Galopy is a freak was created on 2005 but was perfected mid 2007. Others say it's basically bullcrap. Also some say it's the shit of Satan.

Proof showing it is really the shit of Satan.

What It Is[edit]

It is basically a fusion of Galo Marquez and Tippy dos Santos. They were fused by the big fat ass Miko Abola. They were in a fair until a big raging fat ass named Miko Abola came in and got his photoshop gun and blasted it on Tippy and Galo, and poof it became Koko Crunch Galopy.

Other Origins[edit]

Some say that Galopy was created in a Yugioh Duel, when a duelist used Polymerization on Tippy and Galo.

Present Times[edit]

Galopy is currently in the Philippines (where it was created), but from time to time it migrates to to other countries such as the United States Of America, England, China, Japan, your backyard or simply in your neighbors kitchen to feed on the heart of emos.

You don't want to get Galopy mad... or else.


It gets its energy by feeding on the abandon hearts of the emos. Tippy used to be an emo. Galopy sometimes say fuck you to punks because she feels insulted about her attitude of being not energetic.


The Galopy T-Shirt.Once you get it stained, no one will ever know.

Abola even said that products and merchandise were being sold in his house. The products were:

  • Galopy Voodoo Doll
  • Galopy Shoes
  • Galopy Shirt
  • Galopy Punching Bag
  • Galopy Ass Wipes
  • The Game
  • Galpopy Trading Cards
  • Galopy Protein Bar
  • Galopy Blubber Nuggets
  • Galopy Chocolate (It's just solid shit)

The Movie[edit]

Miko Abola announced that a movie will be shown on his site. There is still no storyboard for the movie. He even said

Cquote1.png She, he or it... whatever you call it, it's goddamn freakin' CRAPPY Cquote2.png

The Music[edit]

On sometime in early 2008, the album will be released. It is an independent independent record because no one wanted to take it due to it's crappiness. It is going to be sold at P 20 in the Philippines.

Track Listing:[edit]

  1. "Intro To Shit" - 5:03
  2. "Fuse My Ass" - 7:12
  3. "And It Was Fused" - 8:43
  4. "Havoc" - 0:04
  5. "Welcome To The Black Parade" - 5:11
  6. "Many Times I Have Been Screwed And Maybe This Is The Time I Should Give Up... Or Maybe Later" - 12:05
  7. "Again, Again And Again... Again" - 7:42
  8. "Oh Crap, AGS Fair!" - 2:45
  9. "Oh Shit, MC Fair!" - 2:45
  10. "Death Of Galopy" - 43:54
  11. "Rebirth" - 12:26
  12. "Death Of Galopy... Again" - 1:23
  13. "Defusion Of Shit" - 56:04 (Hidden Track)
  14. "Again, Again And Again... Again (Remix)" - 7:42 (iTunes Bonus Track)

The Game[edit]

File:Galopy Game.JPG
The game is very fun stupid to play

He even said there will be a game entitled "Galopy: The Game". He said it will be only on the Wii so that players can feel how good it is to kill Galopy (Tippy's part of course).

You will first start off as a retard in school during your 4th period (Recess). You are looking for your left arm inside the school campus, until you see Galopy getting it and running away with it and so you run after it. The game is more than looking for your left arm but killing Galopy and its henchmen.