Game:Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle/combustion

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Your body suddenly becomes engulfed in flames, prompting you to jump out the window. Strangely, you do not plummet to your death, but instead remain suspended in midair.

You see a man - no, a woman - screaming for help. A man wearing a cheesy green outfit with huge electical sparks coming from his hands is standing near her, laughing maniacally. Looks like Doctor Doom is up to his old tricks again.

You fly down to the site. Your friends are already there: a man who has his neck extended far outwards and a giant moving stone sculpture. Another woman - another friend of yours - appears out of nowhere. The four of you leap into action.

*** Flame on! ***

But wait...

You feel a tremendous wrench – the hand of God coming down to wipe clean the temporal chalkboard. The world dissolves, and then quickly floods back into existence, restoring its state as it was before you made your move.

But somehow, things aren't set up exactly the same as last time....

Late Thursday night. You've had a hard day and the last thing you need is this: shopping. Luckily, the place is pretty empty and you're progressing rapidly.

On to the next aisle.

The aisle stretches to the north, and back to the south. The shelves on either side of you block your view of the rest of the supermarket, with only the brightly colored aisle markers visible.

You have stopped your trolley next to the pasta section, bright plastic bags full of pale skin-tone shapes.

There is a brunette woman a few meters ahead, filling her trolley with sauces.

A shiny metal phone booth sits in the center of the aisle.

Your move:

*Secret option!
Super-secret option!
Double super-secret option!