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You find yourself in a futuristic wonderland of advanced technology and fantastical innovation...

Well, not really- actually, everything looks pretty much the same as before, except the doors all open upwards and people are, for no good reason, wearing far more revealing clothing. Oh, and there's an anthropomorphic robot which appears to be made entirely out of large metal boxes walking around incredibly jerkily and with a constant whirring noise. Which is odd really, because even in the time you came from there were robots who could walk more realistically than that.

Sighing, you wonder why you came here in the first place, then notice the phonebooth in front of you. Like everything else, it is pretty much the same as before, except it now seems to be covered in tin foil. You turn to the man standing next to you; he is clearly an alien because he has a slightly different face to a normal human, although you can't help thinking what a coincidence it is that on a distant planet, in an entirely different environment, there has evolved to dominance and technological advancement a creature which is exactly the same shape and size as a human, just with a few ridges on its face.

Unfortunately, the alien can read minds, and is offended by your ceaseless analysis of continuity errors, and so kills you with a big, sharp, curvy weapon, which looks cool but is perplexingly over-elaborate, and would actually be completely useless against a simple sword. You are, of course, too dead to fully appreciate the silliness of this.

*** Today is a good day to die!! ***

But wait...

You feel a tremendous wrench – the hand of God coming down to wipe clean the temporal chalkboard. The world dissolves, and then quickly floods back into existence, restoring its state as it was before you made your move.

But somehow, things aren't set up exactly the same as last time....

Late Thursday night. You've had a hard day and the last thing you need is this: shopping. Luckily, the place is pretty empty and you're progressing rapidly.

On to the next aisle.

The aisle stretches to the north, and back to the south. The shelves on either side of you block your view of the rest of the supermarket, with only the brightly colored aisle markers visible.

You have stopped your trolley next to the pasta section, bright plastic bags full of pale skin-tone shapes.

There is a brunette woman a few meters ahead, filling her trolley with sauces.

A shiny metal phone booth sits in the center of the aisle.

Your move:

*Secret option!
Super-secret option!
Double super-secret option!