Gamers are Retards and Should not Exist

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If there's one group of people I can’t stand, it’s gamers. Such people are the scourge of our time and clearly symptom of how misguided our society is. The recent influx in gamers is a symptom of societal decay and is clearly a sign that the world will end. Gamers are the absolute worst excuses of humans in the world. I don’t understand how they can waste their time ogling a dumb screen while people all over the world are being brutally murdered. Even the manner in which they speak makes me sick, when the go on about their high score is in a certain game I want to vomit. I just want to scream at them,”Wake up, the world can not afford your mentality!.”

Gamers Cause All the Problems in this World[edit]

Now, there are those who would say that gaming is completely harmless. They site examples of people who are highly successful yet use games as a sort of “recreation.” These people are miserable failures. All games are developed to draw individuals in to a warped and tragic reality. Games destroy brilliant minds and transform them into useless couch potatoes. Such people need to wake up and realize that nobody cares about their high scores, and that beating an ogre won’t make an ounce of difference in solving the world’s problems.

Its Mind Control!!!![edit]

The main purpose of games is to get people hooked so they will buy more merchandise from the manufacturer. Games are a trap, probably originally formulated by the government to keep our generation mindless and entertained. Children and young adults remain glued to the screen manipulating tiny worlds while real life atrocities pass them by. But it’s not too late! If you’re a gamer, you can still wake up and face reality. Look! No one cares what level you are in your stupid little game, go take a shower and spend your time doing something more useful-- like researching global warming.

Reforest Deserts! IT WORKS I TELL YOU!![edit]

Imagine what a positive impact we could have on the world if we unplugged our computers, turned off our TVs, and went outside? Just think of the difference we could make if everyone stopped playing games and started working towards making the world a better place? We could reforest deserts if we planted one tree for each time we turned on our TV or computer. We could read an entire set of encyclopedias with all the hours we waste doing absolutely NOTHING. If everyone gave up gaming, the world wouldn’t be in the horrible state it’s in.

Gaming are Nerds who Can't Communicate[edit]

Now, I know there are some people who are wondering why someone with such passionate hatred of games could be on a website like gaiaonline. To be honest, Gaia sucks too, although it has one slight difference from games. Gaia online has an interactive forum. Instead of mindlessly gaining “points,” we educate ourselves about human nature though communication and observation. Not even interactive games can do this. Though human interaction, we not only learn how to manipulate, but also how we are manipulated by other users. Games on the other hand are pure manipulation, and the sooner people realize this the better.


Get rid of the games, grow up, pull your head out of your ass and get an education!