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Garry Trudeau is a Canadian cartoonist and lounge singer. Author of Doonesbury and popular performer at the Comedy Club he is known for his liberal views, heavy drinking, and Jane Pauley's #1 stalker for the past 30 years. He is an asshole. Believe it!

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Born in Nunavut in 1952 he quickly emigrated to America. His mother was a short-order cook and his father was a retired groupie. He attended Bennington College during the 1960s. Drawing on his experiences at the prestigious College he soon began drawing cartoons. To pay the bills he became a lawyer. He married his former teacher, Betty Ford. Trudeau spent lots of time in prestigious company, and slowly climbed his way up the social ladder, sometimes literally stabbing backs to get what he wanted. After his lawyer days started to bore him he decided to become a cartoonist, based on a bar bet one night with L. Ron Hubbard that 'I couldn't tell the story of liberal America in cartoons over the next forty years.'


After three years of law Trudeau decided to go full time as a cartoonist. His cartoons lived in a world very similar to his own, and many of the characters in the strip are based on people he either knows personally or famous personalities, generally politicians. Published every day since Jan 1st 1975 with characters who age normally and interweave in each other's plots the cast and story has become epic in size and proportion. A cult in California has sprung up in dedication to reading the strip's archives so as to coherently follow the story. The fan-base of the strip is ginormous, as it is printed in every newspaper in the world, except the New York Times and The Charlotte Observer (aka Dixie Gazzette, where the strip is banned as "Pinko Propaganda".

Lounge Singer[edit]

Since 1990 Trudeau has had popular success as a lounge act at the renowned Comedy Club. Dressing in women's clothing and donning a blonde wig he sings in a falsetto baritone and is known as 'Sunny'. His act became a sensational hit soon after he began it, drawing large crowds to hear his soulful renditions of Standards and Disco classics. Many in his audience do not know that he is also a cartoonist, or male. 'Sunny' has released one album that has done moderately well, though did not chart, entitled 'My Other Wig is I'm Male.' He has done shows with the vocal talents of Ezra Pound, Condoleezza Rice, and Tony Clifton.

Personal Life[edit]

Trudeau is also known as a heavy drinker and repeatedly has checked into drug rehab. He divorced his first wife and married Robin Williams in 2004 (during the whole legal thing in San Francisco, even though he himself is a Canadian) with whom he's had three children. The two often go into rehab together. They have spawned 8 offsprings: Peter, Jason, Paige, Linus, Lucy, Garfield, B.C., and Hagar.