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Fred Phelps in 'Extreme Ass Munching 6' - A typical example of gay porn

Contrary to popular belief, gay porn is the only type of media available that does not portray handsome, well-hung young men pounding each other in the ass. Gay porn can be most accurately described as a game in which players take turns rolling dice, and trying to collect property and currency (also commonly referred to as Monopoly).


Gay porn has its roots in a practice invented by Republicans called anal fisting. Throughout the years, it has evolved from anal fisting, to wearing Abercrombie, and into the state it is now, which is commonly called ass pounding.


Contrary to popular belief, participating in gay porn will actually give you good karma. The Buddha himself participated in gay porn for the last years of his life, only truly seeing Enlightenment after having gay anal. One day, Neo and Buddha decided to pound each other in the ass, which resulted in a massive explosion causing the space-time continuum to flux into itself, and cause the Big Bang (another name for the Big Bang is "The Great Male Orgy.")

Theories exist that the universe will once again collapse into itself. These theories are true, because Jesus is actually felching the cum with such force, that he will suck it up most likely by 2069, the year that John Titor fucked a gay time machine and accidentally went back in time to post on message boards.


Men having sex with each other is a beautiful thing. It is what causes the sun to rise, as it is curious to see the sausagefest. Some people mistake the reason the rooster crows for the sun coming up, but actually the rooster crows because he is climaxing while masturbating to the wonderful scene that is the male orgy.