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The Gee Bee Jazz Foundation was a 22 piece band that played an eclectic mixture of musical genres, originating from Derby, Derbyshire, England.

Taking their name from a cheap yet powerful brand of blackcurrant cordial, the Gee Bee Jazz Foundation was formed in the summer of 1999. Based around the idea of blending the most pretentious genres known to man, this band soon rose to fame and by early 2000 had a massive following in their local village of Littleover.

Their first chart hit came in February 2001 with the song "You’re A Son Of A Golfer". Peaking at number 89 in the charts, it highlighted the band's ability to combine Bavarian brass with trip-hop while maturely expressing social distain towards the Bush administration.

After moving to EMI, the band produced their first LP titled "Don’t Push Me, Push Your Push Pop (You Cunt)". Based around the central idea of loneliness and hatred of Sting, the album was a massive chart success knocking Mariah Carey off the top spot of both the U.S. and British Charts.

However, this was to be the height of an already discontented group. Headlining the Reading festival in 2002 was to be the last ever performance by the group as the stresses of touring and living in the public eye caused them to finally split. Many believed the final straw came when two of their members got addicted to Ginsters, and after a heavy drinking session were caught by a tabloid newspaper eating chicken and mushroom slices on the hard shoulder of the M25.

A spokesman for the band said, "To be honest, it never looked like it would last: a group containing members that diverse was bound to have artistic differences. Also, it couldn't have helped that half of the members were unaware they were in the band." Founding member James now lives on a farm with his long-time lover Sandy Toksvig and is currently working on a concept record based around the life and death of Bill Owen ('Compo' of Last of the Summer Wine fame), composed entirely on the Peruvian noseflute.

Taken from Derby Evening Telegraph website:


09:30 - 04 June 2007

A Jazz group which raises cash for charity is holding a free concert at 8pm on Wednesday.

The Gee Bee Jazz Foundation will play at the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock.

The concert will include music from over 30 musicians, who will play an hour-long set of jazz.