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Jerry and Gene Kelly is Best friends
Gene Kelly just enjoys singing in the rain!
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β€œ"I'm Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain"!”

~ Gene Kelly on Singing in the Rain

β€œDon't ever sing in the rain again!”

~ Gene Kelly's Doctor on Singing in the Rain

Gene Kelly (1860-1980) was the brother of R Kelly and rivaled Fred Astaire as the King of the Dance.


Gene Kelly was born to a poor family by the name of Kelly. Whereas his older brother R urinated on Gene until 1865, when he put on some shoes that were owned by Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth who stole his shoes after shooting him, that bastard! (Booth, not Kelly. Gene that is.)

Gene Kelly worked a lot outside the theater by tap-dancing and singing in the rain. He said it reminded him of his brother, except he felt cleaner and it was cooler.

Big Time[edit]

Gene Kelly sang in the rain so many times that someone thought he would catch pneumonia. However, Kelly was immune to the rain and someone from M-G-M told him that he was finding talent for a kick-ass movie called "Kick-Ass Movie" which would star half of the Hollywood elite at the time (This happened in 1929 and it won 10 Oscars for that year, including Best Damn Picture, Period).

Gene Kelly only had a small role in "Kick-Ass Movie" sharing the role with Bing Crosby as 'Guy in Bar'. But it would be his second film "I'm Actually White Underneath This Makeup" starring Al Jolson where he would have his first speaking role "I like Chicken" (This was in 1930). Gene Kelly's first movie that he would dance was with his rival Fred Astaire called "Tap This!" which was a flop in 1931.

Gene Kelly dances with...Stewie?

Gene Kelly would dance in many movies until 1945 where he would team-up with Frank Sinatra and Jerry in "Anchors Aweigh" where he would dance with Jerry and later with Stewie Griffin (Stewie and Brian Griffin also had a small role in "Anchors Aweigh", but Tom got along with Brian TOO well since there was a scene that was cut-out of the film where both Tom and Brian get drunk). "Anchors Aweigh" would beat-out all the movies from 1945 such as "The Three Caballeros", "The Bells of Sts. Peter, Paul, and Mary", and "The Long Lost Weekend".

Singing in the Rain[edit]

After having a few more flops, Gene Kelly decided to be in the movie "Singing in the Rain" where he would...what else?...sing in the rain! That movie would make millions and Gene Kelly catch a very bad cold after the release of this movie.

But the movie was a success and won an Oscar for Best Wet Scene in a movie beating out "From Here to Eternity" and "Dangerous When Wet" (This was the only time that this award was given). It would've won Best Damn Picture Period, but lost to "From Here to Eternity".

After that movie, Gene Kelly would sing in the rain until his death.


Can you tell which one is Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly? If not...then never mind!

In 1980, after retiring from acting after "Singing in the Rain", Gene Kelly was asked if he could be in a movie with Olivia Newton-John and Ashton Kutchner. He said 'yes' as long as he sings in the rain. Well, what Kelly didn't know was that this movie would be a Disco movie called Xanadu with the music of ELO in it.

Gene Kelly did sing "Singing in the Rain" with a disco beat to it, but this would be the last scene he would ever do. Because after he sang the song, he got hit by lightning and died instantly. R Kelly who played the cop in that scene, peed on him one last time (That's only seen in R Kelly's stash tapes that are trapped in the closet).

"Xanadu" became a #1 film and album for 1980. Too bad Gene Kelly never enjoyed it. Today, his shoes are worn by his brother R Kelly.