Genetic Programming

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Genetic Programming is a highly advanced form of programming. It involves taking the square root of a Pokemon, that is the same shape as the female you wish to program. Digimon don't work, but a Yu Gay Ho will do if you can't find a Pokemon.

Testing, 1 2 3. Testing.[edit]

Once you have your Pokemon, it's time to hook it up to your female test subject. This step is highly dangerous, and might fry the female's vagina, but you don't care because you're a man. Take some jumper cables (you can find them at your nearest car parts store). Place one side on the Pokemon's feet. Place the other side on the female's vagina. Now drop the penguin in water. The electric current should flow from the Pokemon to the female, and generating a cross-compiler for genetics.

Writing your first program[edit]

Writing programs in the Geneticist's language is really easy (it's quite similar to Brainfuck). First, take off the jumper cables from the Pokemon and place it on your computer. Anywhere on the computer, it doesn't matter as long as you think it will work. Open up Notepad (You can only program in Windows, because it's the best Operating System!), and type in "GATTACA-0101123ABCF". This tells the compiler to add in a dominant 'blue hair' gene to the female's chromosomes. This might kill the female if the body does not accept the female, but again, you don't care. Now drop your computer in the water, in a similar fashion to the Pokemon earlier. Once done, pregnate the female, and wait 9 months to see if it worked. If not, then you did something wrong. Look over your code again.