Genocide (spray)

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Genocide is a commonly used spray to destroy a certan minority (And when used by Israel, Majority) religion, faith or country.

This should not be confused with Mortein, which is much more powerful and requires a type C chroming license.

Countries like to use Genocide (Created by Pea Beau) spray because of its simple use, all you need to do is spray it on a protestor of a minority religion or faith, and soon the Israelies will smell them and come, use thier American supplied weapons and kill this religion.

Genocide Spray is also useful for killing the following parasites

  • Jews
  • Islams
  • Saudi People
  • Iranians
  • Kurds
  • Chinese

To order your spray call 1800-FINAL-SOLUTION

Common Ripoffs of this spray are named

  • AK47
  • 1940's Japan
  • Die Nationale Nazi Partie
  • Israel