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“Boycott Tamia music

“Boycott Alicia Keys music”

~ Tamia

The Geoff Boycott is the boycott of Geoffs, including Geoffries and Geoffreys and even Geoff-freeze, which is the stuff you put in the car when it's cold. It is organised by disgruntled wives of Geoffs. The Boycott was started in Yorkshire, and Geoff was sacked from Channel 4 because of the Geoff Boycott by his wife, but Geoff maintains that:

Cquote1.png it were those bloody frogs, I only gev er a little tap Cquote2.png

But later, he acknowledged that his dismissle leg before wicket by his missus was "missin off, missin leg and knockin middle out about half way up". Geoff was known for being boring and really low scoring, so how on earth he ended up with a missus in the first place is anyone's guess. Ian Botham had to run him out once when he spent too long at the bar without scoring.

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