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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Gesundheit.

"Gusenteit" is a German word, deriving from the longer "Guseniteitsomouchaauschenbactkusenhicruoognobachbethoovenbetleisienteouschtachktachktachktthemersaveburgenhoiserlerderhoisen," meaning, respectively, "Don't you think you're such a hot-shot, thinking you can blow your snot all over me, well I don't think so! You just take that that little embroidered hanky thing you got there, and you just wipe that running nose of yours, and God bless you that you have brain enough in you to stop yourself from sneezing again!" Gusenteit, meanwhile, means only "God bless you."

Gusenteit didn't always have the quintessential meaning it does today...

A Fairy Tale[edit]

There is an ancient, 15th century fairy tale known as the Epic of Gusenteit, believed to be based on the witch Feedelstrom von Gusenteit. It goes something like this:

The Witch Gusenteit posted a page of her name on the Inter-Net [This is a very futuristic story]. She saw that one had visited her page, and they saw her name. "Oh No!" she said, and she melted. The moral of the story is never to post your name on the Inter-Net if you're a witch, lest someone see it.

This is, of course a very brief fairy tale, with a very weird ending.