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A Ghost is a type of animal that is found in dark places, or simply in places with an absence of light. These places most often include basements of houses (particularly older ones), caves, and the outdoors a night in places like dark streets, alleys, lonely roads, and your mom's vagina. Here is a photograph of a real Ghost:

Ghosts in the Southern United States of America have been known to be racist.

OK, to continue. Cemeteries are also a popular place for ghosts. Because they are only present in darkness, they are very difficult for humans to see, and are rarely seen. Actually, there is no definitive proof that ghosts have ever been seen. Sightings by the human eye are strictly based on claims made by 52% of the population. But there is plenty of other evidence they exist. [1] One more thing before we get into the details, CASPER IS NOT THE LEADER OF THE GHOSTS NOR WILL HE EVER BE!!

It is widely known that when caught on film or tape, they tend to act blurry and look photoshopped. Unlike Vampires, ghosts are always hideous looking. This media stereotyping led to the massive "Photoshop for ALL" protest of 1960, where the then Chinese government massacred 131 ghosts, including the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. There had been a lot of ghostly pressure on Abraham Lincoln to not join the protest because it was a publicly held opinion that nothing could help him with his looks, and hence would only serve to diminish the purpose of the protest.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, there lived a guy. His name was Guy (Now you may laugh, but I’m trying to be serious). His name was Guy McGaygor. One day he decided to take a walk down Sruthi Lane. No one ever did this because it was said that a gay man ate anyone that came down the lane. A nice old pedo man lived here once, but he was eaten by his very own creation. Guy was a smart gay guy, but it was this fatal mistake that led to his horrid death. Once he was in the twenty feet into the gay lane (don’t ask how it was dark during the day) the ginger bread man made his "move". It swung its dick of sugariness and Guy fainted from the sweetness. Ten minutes later he woke up to see the town policeman with a wooden spoon and a dough roller (you know what I mean) in his hands. In front of him stood the gingerbread man with a tootsie roll in his fist. He injected the tootsie roll into his head and arms and giant muscles of dough sprang up. Suddenly, the spirit of the muffin man appeared and told the gingerbread man to stop it this instance and go to his room to think about what he had done. The gingerbread man never bothered anyone again and everyone lived happily ever after.

Far from being the terrifying apparitions found in folklore, ghosts actually make affectionate pets and are very suitable for children, especially of the television viewing variety. Friendly and gentle, child development experts claim they are better childhood pets than hamsters and/or grandmothers.

Ghosts will often call you from the dead

In Society[edit]

Here is a Ghost in Society trying to Drive a Car minutes before Driving off a Cliff.

Ghosts have often been discriminated against. Such acts of racism include seeing right through, walking right through, running from, exorcisms, and ghostbusters, White Stuff and idiotic Milk Friends. Years ago, when The Man was keepin' em' down, it was considered acceptable to call them "ghosts", "specters", "demons", "Michael Jackson", and "UR MOM". Today, ghosts prefer the term "Ecto Americans"or "Bodily Challenged". However, no one quite knows when the Ecto Americans/Bodily Challenged will be granted their right to vote. They do however, have a right to possess you long enough to make a bad decision and vote for Bill Murray because he was the coolest "Ghost Buster". When the head ghost was called into court to discuss this, he simply stated that "Bill Murray is the awesomest living buster around. OMG PWNED." Ever since, ghosts have been known for excessive use to leet speak and 1337


Mugabe trying to be spooky.

The appearance of a ghost is a white blob. They do not have noticeable limbs, but they do have eyes and a mouth that can be seen. They can change shapes easily as they move around.

Capturing a ghost on a camera is impossible because they disappear once sufficient light has been brought to their path to make them visible to a camera lens. Their description is only available from artists (often amateur ones) who have provided pictures of them following encounters.

Numerous artists and laypeople with artistic capability have drawn ghosts, which in nearly all these cases, look somewhat identical, thereby confirming that physical shape of ghosts. Their exact size is still debatable.

General Behavior[edit]

Ghosts are known for making the sound "BOO!" and scaring the crap out of you, but also ,if its yer dead gran you may tend to hear "hello pettle!" now and then. This is the way they communicate with each other, but people and other animals are usually scared by this sound.

It is not known whether or not ghosts pose any danger to humans, though they are feared by many. There have been no deaths confirmed to be attributed to ghosts, though many believe their loved ones have perished at the hands of ghosts.

It is not known how ghosts reproduce, though it is believed that they engage in sexual activity similar to most animals. It is also possible that they can split.

A ghost will also fuck your grandma if you leave her unattended. If you try to stop a ghost from fucking your grandma he will squirt ectoplasm in your eye. He will then dance a jig and disappear into your grandma's vagina. Your grandma will then give birth to several 3 headed kittens.

Body Structure[edit]

Lolcat sees the ghosts.

Ghosts are by far the most complicated things in existence. Making a diagram of the ghost of a person would take eons because they are exessively messy creatures. Their body includes things that they don't need, except on Thursday or at their parties. (See ghost parties). Scientists have tried to figure out why ghosts are so transparent-lucent-unvisible, and in the Institution of Hell, former professor that studied the art of liberating poop into space so other aliens would find it, Professor McDoobie Fo Muzzle in his incredibly advanced lab found out. Using the most advanced technology in dog noses and frisbees, professor McDoobie jumped sudenly to a conclusion:

“I have been researching for years, and after bum-breaking effort, the conclusion is, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FREAKIN' IDEA, SO STOP BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!” After that he went out to get a drink. He was not found ever again, probably because his mother grounded him for the rest of his life.

A ghost's body is really slimey, soft and transparent, with many highly evolved organs like:

  • Cellphones
  • Dead Embrionic Flamingoes
  • Atomic Energy Generators
  • Special floating device
  • Coffee beans
  • Cowbells
  • Martians
  • Drug provisions
  • Phat beats
  • Unmentionables
  • Playboy mags
  • 30 Ghost dollars
  • Dead hamsters

Also, ghosts can float because they have their bodies filled with gas and tiny jetpacks, that and antimatter. Some people found out that they can go through objects because their speed is so huge that their atoms just squeeze through concrete. It is known that the houses of African Tribe People are made of dung, which is inmune to ghosts. There are several cases of ghosts that die going through dung walls every year. Most of the ghosts are on Bat Fuck Insane.

Feeding Habits[edit]

Ghost don't eat? Of course they do. If they didn't, probably there would be rotten ghost food all over the place, and this planet would be foul-smelling. Yes. Ghost food. It is made of the same stuff that ghosts are made of- transparent substance (semen) and their ability to float. Ghost food is produced when someone eats some food, that food dies and its ghost comes out. This dead food's ghost dies and flies all over the house. One of the reasons ghost live on houses is because there's lots of ghost food lying around. There is also such a thing known as ghost cannibalism, which occurs when there is a shortage of ghost food, they then prey on other ghosts. They could even eat humans when nobody else is around.

Ghosts go to the ghost bathroom! There is such thing as ghost p***... ...and ghost toilets.... ...or Evil Pizza.

Mating Habits[edit]

Female ghosts marching on to the mating site.

Ghosts, every winter and every cold, extremely rainy and windy night make eerie howling noises that to a human may cause their brains to send distress signals through their nerves to their asses so they crap their pants without really being able to control it. Regardless of how scary, male ghosts use this signal to attract giraffes, Bob Dylan and female ghosts too. If desperate enough, these ghost would have to resort to kitten huffing even though kittens do not have long necks such as giraffes.

A blue ghost surprise-butt-secksing a pink ghost.

After that, ghosts turn into Copula Mode. Naturally, like any couple, they will want their privacy, so before starting their mating activity, they open a hole in space using the strange force into the 98,234th dimension. It is unknown what happens there, or even what that place looks like. Occasionally, thanks to technology rare footage of this copulation has been caught on night cam and looks similar to Paris Hilton.

Baby ghosts often are microscopic orbs and are born in quantities of billions per season. The baby orbs are released in the 98,234th dimension, but then a huge dimensional flux happens and they come out through the earth's substrate. That's how you explain the Damn Northern Lights.

Uses of Ghosts in Cooking[edit]

Amateur ghost hunters find ghosts. Semi-pro ghost hunters slay ghosts. The real class acts determine a ghost’s country of origin and then help it pack its tiny ghost luggage.

Ghosts are so good at giving that especially haunting flavour to your foods. Lesbians use ghosts when making cherry pie. Here are the instructions to make a Ghost-and-\cherry-Pie*.

1. Prepare all the ingredients.These are:

  • Ghost Lips
  • Elepants
  • Cherries (make sure they were boiled by a virgin in the pot of boiling oil in hell's torture chamber)
  • Extra spongy flakes
  • Bread
  • Lesbians

2. Just mix all that in a bowl and put in the oven. Ready.

  • Warning, overcooking a ghost will annoy the ghosts and they will hang you in the 7th layer of hell's torturechamber, otherwise known as the in-laws.

Pet ghosts[edit]

It is wildly accepted that having ghosts as pets is totally awesome, and anyone who tries to abolish it will be exterminated by a hungry pack of carnivore legs. They hate you. Beware.

They are becoming increasingly popular, especially in places like the far lands of Yoomapoty and Elmer's Duck O Doom Island. You can find them in any grocery store in the section in where they keep fairies and octopuses toghether, and generally, it costs half a pizza to get one, and no signing papers are needed, because the chances are that as soon as you buy the ghost, it will fly away or haunt you. Ghosts make far better pets than many of the animals traditionally found in homes, such as dogs. They eat very little, are good with children and don't poo. However, ghosts do go through a short moulting period at the end of Winter when they shed their warm, luxurious Winter coat and may leave ectoplasm on furniture. NO ECTOPLASMING ON THE COUCH, CASPER!

Do not confuse Ghosts with Ghost, or Ghoti.

Ghosts with feelings[edit]

Ghosts have two types of feelings. They are:

Sad Ghosts[edit]

A very sad ghost, that for some reason appears to have a tail.

Sad ghosts are rather whiney and complain a lot. Kinda like a small Emo kid.Only less pale.

How to Identify a Sad Ghost[edit]

Sad ghosts moan a lot, a habit which is quite annoying. They just won't shut up, even if you hit them with a broom. A bit like children. In fact, many of these apparitions were on prozac and are still sad because they cannot eat your prozac.

Happy Ghost[edit]

An extremely gay happy ghost wearing a Santa's hat

Happy ghosts are rather pleased with themselves, they are constantly giggling and going "boo".

How to Identify a Happy Ghost[edit]

They smile a lot (however they are not to be confused with Drug Using Ghosts, which often share this trait), they often go "boo" then quickly back away and start snickering (not to be confused with Demented Ghosts, which will often share this trait). Also, the happy ghost is the ultimate evil to the imperfect sheep, because imperfect sheep do not like their happy disposition.

Advanced Ghost Personalities[edit]

how certain ghosts perform while having secks

In 1980, gaming companies like Namco and Midway found four distinct ghost personalities, defined primarily by their colour. The following characters were found:


Because "shadow" is a personality, obviously. Often red, like bloody shadows. It is also known as Yagrons Chektot in the acid rain article.


You can't really tell which drug they are on.


The only ghost in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Although it's called Bashful, it doesn't have a problem with making you turn inside out and disappear.


Clyde, the "alternative" ghost, feels insulted by being summed up as "pokey". He prefers the term "Bohemian". However, "pokey" is the correct term. Pokey ghosts are the most likely to get arrested for indecent exposure.

Ghosts In Machines[edit]

A ghost stuck in a Xbox 360

Ghosts are commonly found in machines. For example, the laptop I am currently amusing is haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn; and in 1978 an entire legion of ghostly Roman soldiers was found haunting a television set belonging to one Mr. Albert Scrofula of Burnham, Lancashire. Some famous machines are thought to be inhabited by ghosts, such as those in the following list:

  • HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, haunted by Richard 111 of England
  • KITT from Knight Rider, haunted by Jimi Hendrix
  • The cash till in Open All Hours, haunted by John Lennon; who, incidentally, wasn't even dead when the series was produced.
  • Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, haunted by Cleopatra
  • White House Super Duper Ice Cream Maker, haunted by Abraham Lincoln

As with all ghosts, holy water is an effective solution to ghosts in machines. In the case of a haunted computer, for example, the best remedy is to remove the hard drive, dismantle it, squirt the water over the platters, rebuild it and put it back into the computer. This is known to have a success rate of 98%. Interestingly enough, machines sometimes become ghosts. Servants at Buckingham Palace have reported seeing a ghostly Sinclair ZX Spectrum floating around in the toilets.


Contrary to popular opinion, poltergeists (the word is German for noisy spirit (used in the English-speaking world because, although English does supply us with an equivalent term - whisky - it is already used to denote something else) are not in fact ghosts. They are actually a type of malevolent invisible squirrel which only derives satisfaction from hunting for your nuts.

If stuff is floating around your house even though you've not been flooded, you may have poltergeists!

What to do[edit]

...if you discover Poltergeists in your home: First, do not panic! In times gone by, poltergeists were considered as undesirable in the home as rats, mice and mexicans - Victorian poltergeist traps can be seen in many museums, and poltergeist-catchers could find work in any town as recently as the 1970s. However, it has since been shown that poltergeists actually do a great deal more good than harm. For example, they do not chew holes in clothes, as your grandmother may have claimed, and the camphor balls she placed in the wardrobe (she just told you they were to keep moths away so you wouldn't get scared when you were a kid) would have had little or no effect as poltergeists have no sense of smell. They also do not suffocate sleeping children by lying down on their faces - if that ever happens to your kid, there's every chance it was actually the cat that did it. However, poltergeists do catch and eat a number of household pests, including dust mites, curtain beetles, wallpaper mites and carpet munchers.

Poltegeists can easily be enslaved and made to carry out domestic tasks. First, construct a poltergeist trap - this is easily done by using a large box with a tea cup in it. When you see the poltergeist enter the box and begin playing with the cup, quickly close the lid. Carefully reach into the box, taking the poltergeist by the scruff of the neck - don't worry, poltergeists have no teeth and so cannot bite you. Turn the poltergeist upside down so as to reveal its belly, where you will find a switch marked +/-. If it is set to +, simply change it to -. By doing so, you have reversed the poltergeist's polarity. Now set it free - rather than smashing stuff and knocking things to the floor, it will start tidying up and mending things. They can also be trained to carry out slightly more complex chores as washing-up, and nothing scrubs an oven clean quite like a poltergeist does. In addition, poltergeists have a natural love of children - their gentle, caring natures make them excellent childminders.

Ghost Remedies[edit]

Exorcism is when a mommy and a daddy.... A priest comes to the residence and after drinking a large quantity of alky-hol will parade around in traditional fashion chanting Bee Gees hits from the seventies. This has a success rate of precisely 72.9% for ghosts who were dumbasses in their former life. Find the Gieco Geco Ninja + Ghost = Total Annihialtion (Prepare to die)

There is an old wive's tale that says if you show the movie Beethoven's 4th while playing Bob Dylan's entire back catalogue, any unrighteous spirit would be burned and sent to eternal damnation (this technique is also very likely to mean that you are a hippy, because no-one except a hippy would have Bob Dylan's entire back catalogue. You hippy). Such attempts have only caused these apparitions to lash out and participate in drugs and gang rape on unsuspecting adults and children. Do NOT Attempt!

Ghost Trivia[edit]

A terrible ghost with sword in real
  • Ghost poo can't be trapped by the Ghostbusters.
  • If you ask nicely a ghost will give you piggyback but this will result in wet socks.
  • Ghosts prefer turkey bacon to regular bacon because it is much too salty.
  • All ghosts and leprechauns hate each other. No really, they do!
  • Contrary to popular belief, eating a power pill will not allow you to eat ghosts by walking into them and going "Wakka wakka wakka." It will, however, make you incredibly high; high enough that you'll probably believe you can.
  • Ghosts will play a crucial role in the Great Tire War of 2012, aiding the humans in their victory against the tires.
  • Ghost are one of the few things you can legally have sex with in public, however ghosts reward dirty sanchezes with pink socks. You have been warned.
  • A poltergeist will gladly mind the children, but have all expectations to see the children run through the ghost and out the door never to return when you do this. (Always works, for a reason unknown to me at this time)
  • Ghost are known to be no good at video games, so most use the walk through walls cheat.
  • Many ghosts are actually good authors.
  • Honduras is know to have the lowest ghost-to-avocado ratio in the world.

Ghost Hunting[edit]

Ghost hunting season begins on September 11th and lasts until Smarch 34st, but you must obtain a bona fide government ghost hunting license which can be picked up at any Wally World for $34, unless you are in America then the price will be $75038.99. Despite the price, its ready availability at redneck locations such as this make ghost hunting permits popular invalid paperwork for illegal immigrants to obtain in hopes of being lear rive Amelican. Ghosts of course can only be killed with onion salt, so you will often find fat drunkards (also known as "the Fudds") emptying shotgun casings and refilling them with spices and herbs from their home jerky-making kits to shoot at the ghosts and the secret black UN helicopters.

Headshots can be very difficult when hunting ghosts, as many ghosts lack heads either because they were decapitated or because they're hiding under blankets. Prime ghost-hunting spots include England, New England, Indian Burial Grounds, or the Bermuda Triangle. Controversy sparked in 2010 when government bureaucrats established a disclaimer to all ghost hunting permits that disallowed leprechaun hunting.

For sport enthusiasts, the "sport" of ghost hunting can be observed on several television programs, whether genuine or any of those abominably craptastic shows on the History Channel or Spike or SciFi or whatever channel has "Ghost Hunters International" which would have viewers believe that ghost hunting consists of pointing the camera away from an object, then claiming that said object is moving of its own volition, or else pretending to hear noises or being bitten by things that aren't there. Despite the fact these shows are scientifically referred to as "crap and shit", they manage to be played on-air more than twice, mainly because of the fact that nobody watches them, so nobody notices that they're utter feces.

Ghost Sex[edit]

Ghost sex can be very kinky as ghosts are transparent, and their ectoplasm tastes like Mystery Flavor Air Heads candy.


  1. Trust us, there is no ghost, which is not to be confused with Spirit, which is merely divine breath (yes, it smells funny). When a man dies, he becomes Soylent Green. When a woman dies, she becomes Soylent Green, too. If there is life after death, it must be edible. In fact, Ghosts eat toast halfway up the lamp post.

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