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Giggling, discovered by Harvard Professor Princeton Brown, is a common symptom of some of the world's most "Interesting" diseases.


In 1979, Professor Jeff Gookert of Yomomma Tech was sitting in a laboratory watching old reruns of Gilligan's Island. Suddenly noticing a sudden similarity between himself and The Professor, he heard himself silently laugh. The next day, he was found dead of Deathiosis by Prof. Brown, who was visiting on a tour of colleges with silly names. Brown later described the sight as "Like Lemon Party & a fruit roll-up in a closet." He was determined to avenge the death of Prof. Gookert.


Tests included exposing gerbils to episodes of 21 Jump Street, South Park, Roots, Greg The Bunny, To Kill a Mockingbird, & Elmo's Country. Then there was stuff where he wrote down results on a clipboard, and then inputed some numbers into a computer. All of that was thrown out after the discovery that the gerbils were, in fact, hampsters. Then it happened again, but this time with Guinea Pigs. Finally, after mishaps with cows, pigs, gnus, and, for reasons known only to Prof. Brown, Hogscar Wilde, he finally figured out what gerbils were after a game of Gerbil Tennis with F5.

Results Of The Studies[edit]

Giggling Is...[edit]

A sudden respiratory stutter when the personality traits of being an annoying asshole and a pompous jerk collide while watching Gilligan's Island. Other shows are being tested now on the Prince of Wales, but don't tell Prof. Brown (He thinks it's a gerbil).

Diseases To Which Giggling Is Associated[edit]

  • Anal Receptinosis
  • Deathiosis
  • Halitosis
  • Butteredtoastis
  • Deliciosinzdisorder
  • Gender Change
  • Hypnos Disorder
  • Drowzee's Hiporder
  • n00binsonsonthebeachhangingwithyourboyfriendorgirlfriendstrippingandgettingreadyforsexsohesarealidioticmoronicjerkheadmuahaha disease
  • Ghostatosis
  • The Macarena


Don't watch Gilligan's Island, The Real Gilligan's Island, Lost, Survivor, Gilligan's Planet... actually, don't watch shows that involve people named Gilligan or islands. You were warned. Instead, watch the television drama Friends. Prof. Brown's research proved that there is a 0% chance of giggling when watching this television show.

Common Misconceptions[edit]

A giggle is often misconstructed as one tenth of a google, which is odd, considering that the two have absolutely nothing in common.

Further Information[edit]

Testing for chuckling, guffawing, smirking, and going "Tee-hee!" is now being conducted on animals that are certainly not gerbils. If you see a giggling midget run past you, alert the fire department or giggle control center. (which is totally not a waste of money!!!) But whatever you do, don't giggle! (Ha ha, tee-hee! OH NO! I- tee-hee -began to giggle! NOOO!!)