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Official nickname English: Reefer City Dickhead: 米的麻庄 Giling du chuzhuang (City of Drugs)
Official language(s) Dickhead, Japanese
Mayor Ash "Satóshi" Ketchum
Established 1178 AD
Currency Poké, drugs, condoms and Pokémon

“This place is worse than Tokyo! It's crowded, the traffic's heavy, and this place smells like Pikachu feces!”

~ Tourist Guy on Giratinaton

“Today, my communist associates and I have ordered you all to increase Pokemon sex merchandise production by 35%. Do it or I'll burninate the city with my Flamethrower attack!”

~ Giratina on the people of Giratinaton

“Why are we still not going? It's been three hours!”

~ Some guy on Giratinaton's crowded and crap train network

Giratinaton is the largest city in Pokémon Island. It is part of the Giratinaton-Karanakhston metropolis, with a population of 384,281,874 people. Its founder is Giratina, of which it was promptly named after.


Giratination was founded by Giratina in 1109 by Goa Tse monks, as a small farming village. Here, he would manipulate reality and force anti-communists into a black hole. For many years, there was peace and prosperity. However, 800 years later, Dick Cheney traveled to Pokemon Island and convinced Giratina that Pokemon sex merchandise could jump-start Pokemon Island's economy. In exchange for the advice, Dick Cheney put 5 oil bogs in the town, causing pollution. This worked, and in 5 years, Giratination became a busy, polluted, communist city.

Typical Giratinaton traffic on Saturday.

Main Suburbs[edit]

  • Kin Jomg-ul- Also known as "the place with an unpronounciable name".
  • Mudkip Village- A rich suburb full of fanboys who worship Mudkips. Surprisingly, many Mudkips are traded illegally here.
  • Ikea- Home to the only Wal-Mart in Giratinaton and the biggest Wigger population in the world. Despite its name, it doesn't have an Ikea.
  • Enzo Akuari- Full of drug dealers, brothels and hoes, this suburb is home to a strip club ran by Rouge the Bat.
  • Puddingdong- Upmarket suburb where rich fags live and spend lots of money on Pokémon. It's like New York City on crack.
  • Karanakhston- Where corrupt politicians fight constantly. As a result, the parliament is full of homeless people and squatters.
  • New Giratinaton- No worse or no better than Giratinaton itself. A government ploy just to increase tourism in the area.
  • Shitashita- Industrial suburb that has the worst pollution record in the world. Anyone living within a 2km radius can quickly get some sick.
  • Luncheon
  • Diapalgia
  • Goa Tse City- Home of the Goa Tse Clan and the famous Temple of Goa Tse.
  • Q'ake Tu
  • Saffron City- Home of Silph Co.'s main headquarters.
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Giratinaton has been blocked from the Internet by the Government of Pokémon Island for misconduct. May its sad fate serve as a warning to others.
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"Landmarks" in Giratinaton[edit]

Little Africa
Suburb of Karanakhston. The tall building in the right is the Parliament House.
  • Goa Tse Temple- This temple is home to the world's biggest cult after Scientology called the Goa Tse Clan. It is believed that they are a pure form of Buddhism mixed with Christianity.
  • The Valiant- A large ship as seen on Doctor Who
  • Little Africa
  • Oriental Palkia Tower- A scaled-up copy of the Tokyo Tower (400m), it contains a large statue of Palkia in the lobby; many have complained about the strange disappearances of people who stand by the statue.
  • Palkia Statue- A statue dedicating to Palkia, who seized control of vice president of Pokemon Island. It stands about 3 metres tall and has a legend about the world's greatest communist or something.
  • Giratinaton Prison- PETA Soldiers and liberalists are locked in becasue they kept watching international Pokemon cruelty and trading, and since it ruined the reputation of Giratinaton, PETA members are locked up.


Transportation in Giratinaton is shit and in need of repairs and modernisations because it fucking stinksthe most "modern" and efficient in the world. The subway network is considered to be the best of its class and the bus network has a modern fleet of buses. The entire system is run by the Giratinaton Transport Authority (GTA). Taxis in Giratinaton are cheaper than the public transport, but you could wait for as long as 2 hours to get a cab. Some of the cabs are over twenty years old.

The highway system is considered to be the most congested in the world. Half of the highways have potholes and unstable bridges, which makes road travel quite dangerous.

Facts about Giratinaton's public transport system[edit]

The skyline of Giratinaton.
  • Giratinaton's public transport system DOES NOT have a fleet of old buses and old subways
  • There are NO dead rats in the buses
  • GTA has NEVER experienced over 20 derailments in their train network or 50 bus crashes every month
  • GTA allows Furries on their public transport services
  • GTA DOES NOT have overcrowding issues
  • GTA has a fleet of 50 subways that comes from Japan
  • GTA has NOT have any issues of theft of parts from their trains or buses

So what about Palkia not ruining Giratinaton and Dick Cheney doing it instead?[edit]

Dick Cheney will be promptly taken care of...

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