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“A git is a It's a pregnant camel.”

~ Some Guy on Apparently it is...

“A door, valve, or other device, for stopping the passage of water through a dam, lock, pipe, etc.”

~ on what the hell do they know?

Gits originated about the time of the hippy (1960-1969) because they were angry at themselves for not being hippies and therefore missed out on at all the free pussy which was available. However, they forgot to do anything like this, and so took their depression out on young kids patrolling the streets smoking crack and protesting for cheese rights and generally having fun. This 'stinky old man' idea caught on and soon every old man in Britain had started to piss themselves just to get the sympathy of the police. Nowadays, this super parasite of the economies has evolved, and is ever changing and avoiding the social services and NSPCC (National Society of Protection Against Cruelty to Children; anti pedos). Honestly, who here doesn't trust old men?

It's true. I wish I had gotten more pussy in the 60's

The Modern Git[edit]

As already mentioned, old gits are changing. One day there was an old man with a camp hat on, then the next day he wasn't wearing it. This is highly unusual; changing your clothes reduces the likeliness of smelling like something that has crawled out of the drain. Anyway, back to the rehab bit... The reason why nature guys go searching for this species in the deepest, darkest, stinkiest corners of rehab is because once gits decide to start acting like youths, there is no turning back. Unless they go to rehab, of course. Once mixed with youths you have no other choice. The influences are to strong. But how come all the gits are in rehab? Because all gits are trying to mix and mingle with the fragile youth of today. Why else do you think there have been increased cases of handbag muggery (mugging someone with handbags), which is evidence of old women gits trying to become happy slappers? Why else do you think the police have started a programme called 'Dehatting the Country', in an attempt to put a stop to hatty slapping? It's all these old men!

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